The City changes its regulations on VR

ville-sherbrooke-assouplit-modalites-reglement(Sherbrooke) The City of Sherbrooke promised relaxations in the regulations concerning parking RV and it has delivered. New developments are also to the satisfaction of the Regional Association of camping and caravanning (ARCC), which had made representations to the regulation to be adjusted.

Originally, the vehicles of 2.4 meters or less were the only ones to be parked or stored in the yard or on the sidelines of a property. The maximum height is now raised to 2.8 meters, and these vehicles can be immobilized in the side and rear yards and in the side and rear setbacks. If the dimensions of the lot does not permit, the parking and storage of recreational vehicles in the yard or the front yard without being in front of the main facade.

Furthermore, it will not be necessary that the parking space or storage is separated from adjacent land by an opaque fence or hedge. In all cases, a distance of two meters from the curb, chain of street or pavement must be respected. This will ensure to generate visibility for all drivers. Vehicles must be locked in at least one meter of a property line unless the dimensions of the lot do not allow. In this case, the distance may be reduced to 0.5 m.

For land of over 3,000 square meters in rural areas, recreational vehicles of any height can be parked and stored in the margins and prices, but may not be in front of the main building.

In a statement, Mayor Bernard Sevigny is satisfied with the new form of the regulation. “Despite this change, the aim of the new regulations will be fully achieved. Locked recreational vehicles on private land will not affect the visibility of motorists. ”

Chairman of the ARCC, Guy Boutin is “very satisfied with the turn of events.” “After discussions with City representatives on June 15, the majority of the outstanding issues have changed. We broke the barriers. The vast majority of RV owners will find satisfaction. We are reducing much of the task owners. ”

These provisions will be incorporated in the draft regulation 1200, which aims to harmonize the zoning and subdivision of the former cities that now make up Sherbrooke. They will be endorsed to the city council 15 June. Six consultation sessions were conducted in recent weeks, but citizens can still send comments, questions and submissions to the City until September 16. The proposed recast of the Regulation is realisonssherbrooke.ca

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