The church of Saint-Justin close

eglise-saint-justin-fermera-portes(Saint-Justin) “We were ordered to celebrate and bring people together in churches. We were not ordered for that. “

Short of financial resources, service to Saint-Justin decided to close the church, to the regret of the priest Jean-Pierre Guillemette. The factory has more money, it should invest at least $ 200,000 to repair the roof of the church that lets water into the building.

“It’s official, confirmed the priest Guillemette. The council sent a resolution to the bishop, saying that after the will of the people. ”

This desire was expressed on 20 March. Summoned to a meeting, parishioners have voted 87% in favor of the closure, which should take place in 2016, although the date is not fixed yet: more details must be resolved before we get to that stage.

St. Justin must find a neighboring parish who will manage the cemetery and will host parish registers. An approach was made to St. Ursula, said the priest Guillemette.

“The secretary of the St. Ursula factory already takes care of the accounting of St. Justin. She is aware of the issues. ”

the serving Saint-Justin archives will be located, probably in the diocese of Trois-Rivières. Inventory of property will determine which items will be on sale. “We can sell benches, tables and chairs from the basement. We can sell statues. The organ can be sold. Anything that is not sacred can be sold. Sacred objects can be transferred to other churches or sent to the bishop. But the church of Saint-Justin in the fire several years ago. Much has been destroyed. ”

Guillemette The priest added that the church council will decide whether the church will be demolished or if it will sell. This decision will likely be made after the spring.

The closure of the St. Justin church is a first for the Valentine-Lupien area composed of 14 parishes west of the Mauricie.

Masses to the Municipality?
The faithful will continue to attend their church to the final closure of the latter. Thereafter, they should be able to pursue their religious commitment in their locality. The Municipality of Saint-Justin has expressed willingness to lend to the factory premises located in the building housing the municipal library. Masses could be celebrated.

No official decision has been made to that effect by the board of St. Justin. Elected representatives have the opportunity to discuss the issue at the next regular session in May.

A 2008 file
The closure of the church of St. Justin is planned since the spring of 2008. Due to the decline in attendance at mass and decreasing amounts from the tithe, then the factory had a deficit of tens of thousands of dollars.

The vestry had sounded the alarm. A fundraising campaign was launched, but the result was lower than expected.

The closing script returned in the news in 2014. A new fundraising campaign was established. This time the results were interesting: nearly $ 15,000 had been raised in the spring of 2015. The efforts were however insufficient to remedy the situation permanently.

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