The children were in survival school, a scandal broke out: “even the toilets locks”

Дети попали в школу выживания, вспыхнул скандал: "даже на туалетах замки"

School staff came up with strange innovations for Ukrainian students

The Director of the Department of education and science of Kyiv city state administration Olena Fidanyan recently, has published on his page in Facebook two photos with the caption:

“School toilet, where everything is under lock and key… Box for toilet paper under lock and key… and no paper. Toilet paper along with cleaning agents securely closed in the back room caretaker. Close could not only stink”.

About it reports Know.

Дети попали в школу выживания, вспыхнул скандал: "даже на туалетах замки"

Thus, Fidanyan indicated that this castle adults invented from themselves, as the child is not smart enough to pick up a roll of toilet paper.

“In General, the school is clean, tidy, bright and interestingly decorated, but the toilet struck me: not washed and has a corresponding odor, and the toilet paper holder was on the lock. The Director began to explain that clasp in order to not steal the paper. Listen to the silence and look. She realizes that something is wrong and sheepishly asks: “what paper?””, — said the clerk.

According to Fidanyan, the penalty for lack of basic comfort in the school toilets meaningless, because “when you get reprimanded, it takes six months or a year, a reprimand is removed, the person calms down. You can stop in the school, and there continue to be”.

“An Agency with such household stuff in a year, we spend from 50 to 100 000 UAH. Today, our calculations are based on my own experience. If not enough this year, the following amounts, the most suitable product increase. And another thing, goods purchased for budget funds may only be purchased for tender procedures. And at the tender always beats the lowest price with appropriate quality,” said, Fidanyan.

Дети попали в школу выживания, вспыхнул скандал: "даже на туалетах замки"

Also earlier it was reported that in one of the schools of Kiev, has arranged an exhibition calling for reconciliation with the Russian invaders.

A strange action was held in school # 255, Kiev. About it told in his Facebook volunteer Roman Sinitsin.

He shared photos of the exhibition of children’s drawings, which are appeals to the world with the country-aggressor. In particular, the flags of Ukraine and Russia they depicted next to such inscriptions as “We do not want war” and “Children for peace”.

“Who is there tagati in the first place: the region, the SBU, Klitschko?”, — asked the volunteer.

We will remind, scandal in the Lviv school.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian schoolchildren were forced to learn the language of invaders, booming scandal.

Also Politeka wrote about the scandal in the Ukrainian school children forced to sing “Katyusha” and look at Putin.