The child is not sleeping through the night: how to solve this problem

Ребенок плохо спит ночью: как решить эту проблему

With the problem of restless sleep baby faced probably every other parent. This suggests that the situation, when in the first years of life, under certain conditions, the child is not sleeping through the night, can be considered the rule rather than the exception

The main reasons why the child is not sleeping through the night

  • Stomach hurts. Colic, first foods and other such digestive problems affect not only the gastrointestinal tract but also on the child’s sleep.
  • A full diaper. She tried to sleep in the wet? It’s very frustrating and, of course, interferes with sleep. So first of all check whether the filled diaper.
  • Growing teeth. There is nothing to do, this period just necessary to survive. Glad that it lasts long. Although sleepy mom it can seem an eternity.
  • Too hot. Here goes and too cold. Thermoregulation of the baby, honestly say so myself, so it’s easy to overheat or SuperCool. It will cause tears and sleep disorders.
  • Hunger. If the baby wants to eat, he did not sleep. So stay tuned for that and in time give him the breast or a mixture.
  • Slept well in the day. Usually, babies sleep a lot, but sometimes during the day they sleep too much. So at night they sleep do not want to or do they mix up the concept of day and night.
  • It’s hard to breathe. If the baby has a cold, the nasal congestion does not allow him to breathe. So he wakes up, to breathe normally through the mouth. And since this is very frustrating, usually all accompanied by loud weeping. So lift the headboard so she better moved away from the nose and make it easier to cough up.

Ребенок плохо спит ночью: как решить эту проблему

This is the main reason why a child sleeps poorly. Now, let’s see, what to do if a child sleeps poorly at night:

  • If this is a recurring problem, consult a pediatrician or child neurologist. They will tell you what to do.
  • Watch the child’s diet, so he did not go to bed hungry.
  • Think of a ritual that will serve for the little signal that it was time to go to bed.
  • If a child is tossing and turning in my sleep, do not rush to take him in her arms. He can fall asleep himself. But if you’re constantly taking it in his hands, when he’s not crying, most of the baby to sleep will not happen — get used to sleep only on his hands.
  • The evening and at night try not to turn on the light in the bedroom, put on quiet relaxing music, the whole atmosphere should be set to the sleep.

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