The Chernobyl reminder: a new disaster will fall upon the Ukrainians to suffer all

Чернобыль напомнил о себе: новая катастрофа обрушится на украинцев, пострадают все

New disaster happened in Chernobyl

It became known that in Chernobyl there was a new catastrophe caused by the nuclear accident, according to the Accents.

We will remind that on April 26, 1986 occurred an explosion at Chernobyl.

Чернобыль напомнил о себе: новая катастрофа обрушится на украинцев, пострадают все

The then government when they realized the scale of the disaster, quickly built on the epicenter of the disaster — the fourth power — the “Sarcophagus” as it is popularly called. The official name of the building “Shelter”.

Participated in the construction of more than 90 thousands of workers who finished work in November 1986, having spent 206 days.

Experts calculate that if the object to render proper service, he will protect the world from radiation for 20-40 years. At the moment, “the Sarcophagus” was 33 years old.

Since the period of operation of the Shelter comes to an end, it was decided that it was time to start building the “New safe confinement” (NSC). This property has an area of 110 to 165 metres and has a weight of about 36.2 thousand tons. NSC commissioned 10.07.2019 year.

Чернобыль напомнил о себе: новая катастрофа обрушится на украинцев, пострадают все

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Recall that the traces of shelling on the buildings in the Chernobyl zone are forced to think about tourists on possible hunting stalkers in various mutants.

However, as we found out journalists, traces of the attacks appear after the exercises the soldiers of the national guard of Ukraine, who train to fight in urban environments.

“During the tours to the Chernobyl zone guides whenever forced to tell the tourists, most of whom are foreigners that bullet holes in historic buildings in the center of the evacuated city left no stalkers during the hunt on mutants and zombies, and soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine (NSU) during firing”, — stated in the material German wave.

Ukrainians know little about the training of NSU in the contaminated areas. A rare mention can be seen today in the media, and perhaps the only message about them in the official publications appeared in late January of 2018: it was a link to the post in the Facebook the Director of “Chernobyl-tour” Yaroslav Emelianenko.

“Say again will shoot. The city of Pripyat is closed. Without any warning. Tourists were not allowed into the location, for which they paid money. And some just for the sake of it and arrived in Ukraine”, — complained then Emelianenko.

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