The chatter comes to Saint-Elie-de-Caxton

saint-elie-caxton-traverse-premier(Saint-Elie-de-Caxton) After five days placotage, we can now say that the population of Saint-Elie-de-Caxton has easy word. The gatherings created by the first Festival Jase just confirmed it.

The festivities were within the framework of celebrations of the 150th Re-Saint-Elie. Despite a schedule that stretches throughout the summer, we can already say that the Festival Jase left his mark. “I think it has become the highlight of the summer. We did not know it was going to take this magnitude then, “says the storyteller Fred Pellerin. It was he and the organizing committee of the 150th who are behind this sweet madness.

This event led to repeat itself in the coming years could be part of a tradition. “It’s been twelve years we have a party that comes to mark the end of the summer held the Saturday of the Labour Day. It comes mark the end of tourist traffic. [Festival Jase], it has become the mark of the opening of the summer, it arrives with the solstice and St. John the Baptist. the beginning of the bracket, “says the storyteller was created.

For Saint-Jean-Baptiste is around the great legendary diners that met relatives, friends and visitors. It’s close to 400 people visited it loose tongue around a collective dinner on Main Street.

There was not as Caxtoniens to dinner. Fred Pellerin said that two women descended Dolbeau Lac-Saint-Jean with a pie “as big as a swimming pool.” “We put the pie in a wheelbarrow, who was walking along the tables.”

It has big things to read. “We have pinpointed a potential that could be deployed more. The tale could possibly be grafted, but it was mostly around the placotage. Cause we wanted, it was meetings where people sit to talk face to face. ”

Still, he notices the authenticity and simplicity that come from such an event. “It was still very simple. It is an essential thing is to sit down together to eat. Sharing, simplicity of the game, “he lists.

He also holds the 5-7 Saint-Elie-de-Legends where the stars of the documentary of the same name came to share their experiences.

Saint-Elie-de-Caxton, the capital of jasage? The idea pleases Fred Pellerin. “I think we quietly stands out there. Jacassage this one is born an imaginary legend that is recognized today. People who talk to the village now know that, in what they say, there is an artistic potential. There’s something in there that puts us on the world map of chatter, “he notes.

This time, there will likely be no Re-re-150th, but “there will be re-jasage mass” promises Fred Pellerin.

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