The Central Bank is only one gold ingot: “unfit”

В Центральном банке находится только один золотой слиток: «не годен»

A single gold ingot that was left in the Central Bank, can be considered a Museum piece

The country has a gold reserve, which is located in the country, consisting of a single ingot. And he has almost a hundred years.

All in all, the gold reserve of Estonia is 256 pounds. For security purposes, all gold held in foreign banks, particularly in new York (USA). So it was led from the 20-40-ies of the last century, said the representative of the Estonian banking institution Fabio Filipozzi, writes ERR.

В Центральном банке находится только один золотой слиток: «не годен»

And one bar is located in the capital Tallinn, but it’s Filipozzi not fit, that is, its purity is not enough to implement in the financial markets.

In fact, it’s sort of a Museum piece, which weighs 11 kilograms, and its price is about 500 thousand euros.

As previously reported, in Western Ukraine found one of the largest natural deposits of gold. In Transcarpathia found a giant Deposit of gold deposits. According to preliminary estimates, in the bowels of the earth is more than two tons of gold.

“Great result obtained in the search the evaluation of the occurrences of gold in Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region. On the basis of earlier drilling, mining and laboratory work, Rakhiv prospecting party in Lviv GRE estimated inferred resources of gold ore bodies belopotosky deposits in the amount of 2.4 tons”, — reported the experts.

In the civil service must clarify that these results confirm “the prospect of further exploration work on occurrences Rakhiv ore area, aimed at the preparation of objects for attraction of investments and transfer them to the rank of gold deposits”.

We also recall that as earlier it became known that China’s effort to increase its gold reserves could lead to the fact that this year he will oust Russia from a position most active buyer of gold in the world.

If Beijing will continue purchasing physical gold at the same pace as in recent months, it could bypass Russia and Kazakhstan, which were the leading buyers in 2018, but in recent years reduced the rate of buying gold.

В Центральном банке находится только один золотой слиток: «не годен»

China is the world’s largest producer of the precious metal, but its own gold reserves amount to at least $ 80 billion. This is only a small part of total foreign reserves exceed $ 3 trillion. In comparison with other countries, China gold has a much smaller part of international reserves. For example, in Russia this figure reached 19 percent, while in China it is less than three percent.

In early March, people’s Bank of China announced an increase in its gold reserves of 10 tons in February, while in January and December, this figure was respectively 11.8 and 9.95 tonnes. Thus, the total volume of reserves of physical gold in China is now 1874 tons, or 60,26 million ounces.

Recall, from the increase in the size of the ECB depends on the size of future pensions — Ministry of social policy.

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