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(Granby) After 31 years of existence, the festival mascots and sidewalk sale downtown Granby still manage to renew. teen area, minigolf, animated picnic area, dek hockey tournament, increased presence of the public contract; some new features have crept into the program of the next edition, scheduled from July 20 to 24.
Annie Broccoli also benefit from the opportunity to make a comeback after six years of absence. The guest star of the event will present, on 23 July, his new show: Annie Broccoli around the world.

Friday at the press conference announcing details of the Festival, the friend “small broccoli” is already amused closes lower antics of these mascots. It also will make a jump to the magical Lunch mascots, back for a seventh year. In short, this is a natural guest of the event, which attracts about 80 000 people and compte200 volunteers.

Again this year, sixty mascots will be on hand, said Jennifer Martin, coordinator of business development at Commerce and Tourism Granby and region (Ctgr). Three new shows presented daily, were concocted.

New trend: collectible cards mascots will be sold at a cost of $ 2 per pack of five cards. Each year, new packages will be put into circulation.

If toddlers and children have their zone, teens will not be outdone. They can have fun in front of the Notre-Dame where a mechanical bull, air hockey table and foosball as well as address modules will be installed, says Jennifer Martin.

As usual, the downtown Granby swarm of activities and especially shows. The comedian, presenter Charlie Pop buzzer and ensure the animation of this 31th edition. Wednesday to Sunday, on the different stages of the event, children can see and hear the amazing TV-animated, the magician Erick electrick, Mr. Mute, Ringlet and funny quiz has Alexo Show !, Patchouko, Benoit Fournier and Jonathan Wizard. Schools of dance and song of the region will also be present at the festival.

A partnership with the Pub of the village, three evening shows for the family will also be offered instead Johnson at 19:30. Programme: Emmanuelle Caplette and Maw group of wood, comedian Sebastien Russell and his gang and Edouard Lagace and Bruno Labrie.

Another new visitors will bring their picnic spread their tablecloth on the grass Miner park and be entertained by a different entertainer each day.

Day mascots was also associated with the Quebec Cancer Foundation on the occasion of a Grand emotional release, which will take the form of a dek hockey tournament. An inflatable rink will be located in Johnson parking. Teams will compete in a friendly to raise money for the organization. The spokesman of the Foundation, Bruno Pelletier, will be present for the puck in the final.

Usually absent in week six to eight merchants of the procurement will be available this year. Their number will increase to fifteen on Saturday.

New last year, the house mascots will return. Always popular, the Fabuleux Cirque Jean Coutu will again be the party, said the coordinator at Business Development Ctgr.

Expanded sidewalk sale
Because unity is strength, Galeries de Granby and mascots Festival this year have decided to combine their efforts to keep their sidewalk sale simultaneously. “The galleries were holding their sidewalk sale a few days before, but we decided to unite to face external competition,” said the CEO of Ctgr, Sylvain Gervais. The budgets of the two events have been combined and enhanced by 55%, he added.

“This kind of synergy there, we will see that more and more” leaves also know Mr. Gervais.

According to Jennifer Martin, day of the mascots has a budget of about $ 250,000, assumed by Ctgr and a slew of partners. The Lion Agency Granby is again at the organization’s helm. “The programming is 100% family and all the shows are free,” she notes. Low costs may nevertheless be required for certain secondary activities. The complete program can be found at fetedesmascottes.ca.

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