The Cégep de Thetford still among the best in research

Cégep de Thetford

The Cégep de Thetford stands out once again retaining the first place in the ranking of the magazine Research Infosource for the number of partnerships of research carried out in colleges of less than $ 50 million budget.

In 2016-2017, and for applied research purposes only, it is more than 103 partnerships that have been made with companies by the two college centres for the transfer of technology (CCTT) affiliated with the Cégep de Thetford, OLEOTEK, and the Center of mineral technology and plastics processing (CTMP).

The Cégep de Thetford is among the top 20 colleges in research for the past five years. The revenues of the combined search of both CCTT amounted to more than $ 3.9 million, allowing the Cegep to occupy the 19th spot in Canada and 8th in Quebec. These revenues originate from two levels of government and businesses that appeal to the experts of the CTMP and OLEOTEK for their innovation projects and their technical challenges.

The success of both CCTT and the uniqueness of some of the expertise and facilities are as much showcases which attract many partners from across the province, but also from other canadian provinces, United States and even Europe. The Cégep de Thetford is very proud of being awarded two of the 20 industrial research chairs for colleges by the research Council natural sciences and engineering of Canada. The first, in advanced materials, is housed at CTMP, and the second thermosetting resins biosourcées, by OLEOTEK.

In addition to giving the region beyond 45 permanent jobs and highly skilled, the CTMP and OLEOTEK include students and teachers from the cégep in their projects. In 2016-2017, eight teachers and 19 students have participated in the development of products and processes in the laboratories of our two research centres. The vast equipment fleet, on the cutting edge of technology, contributes significantly to the training of students in technical programmes and pre-university.

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