The catastrophe is getting closer: closer to the Earth six huge asteroid

Катастрофа все ближе: к Земле приближаются шесть огромных астероидов

Asteroids are hurtling towards Earth at great speed

The first of six space objects will come closer to our planet in 2027, according to referring to the NASA experts, who took part in the conference on protection from asteroids, in the framework of the International Academy of Aeronautics.

So, one of the scientists named the date when the first huge asteroid will approach the Earth. It will happen in 2027. The celestial body was given the designation 1990 MU. It, by calculations of experts, has a diameter of 2.8 km.

Катастрофа все ближе: к Земле приближаются шесть огромных астероидов

After 1990 MU Land “draws” to itself and other objects from space. And for a short period of time.

The last one closely approaching our planet, would be the asteroid Apophis, and it will happen in 2029.

Scientists calm: all six asteroids danger Blue planet will bring. Although I admit that according to their calculations, the two celestial body will fly at a distance less than the distance from the earth to the moon.

NASA claim that terrestrial space can be approximately 20 thousands of asteroids, which scientists have not yet managed to discover.

As we wrote earlier, Venezuela was hit by a meteor. A falling meteorite, which, blazing, rushed at great speed, was noticed by local residents.

The heavenly body was seen in three States in the country, and it saw the capital’s residents. After the meteorite fell and started the fire – lit grass on the field.

As previously reported, only one week to Cuba fell two of the meteorite. The fall of a celestial body caused a huge stir and excitement among Cubans living nearby. Some of them saw the pillar of smoke and felt strong vibrations in houses. Fortunately, nobody has suffered, destructions.

Scientists have already managed to explore the composition of the meteorite: its fragments are composed of silicate, iron, Nickel and magnesium.

Катастрофа все ближе: к Земле приближаются шесть огромных астероидов

We also wrote that it became aware of the flyby of the Earth a big astroid 2003 SD220. This boulder the size of a city array. She miraculously crashed into our planet. So close to the astroid, we haven’t flew.

American astronomers could take pictures of the dangerous celestial body. It’s funny that the outline on the image, the asteroid is similar in shape to the hippopotamus.

Recall that scientists have discovered an asteroid-a snowman in the Solar system.

As reported Politeka, the spacecraft made a sensational discovery on the moon.

Politeka also wrote that astronomers have discovered an unusual object near mercury.