The carnage at the Mall: “people immediately evacuated the building surrounded,” attack footage

Кровавая бойня в торговом центре: «людей срочно эвакуировали, здание окружено», кадры атаки

Shopping centre evacuated after a man with a knife attacked the visitors

The incident occurred in the afternoon on Friday, 11 October in Manchester. As it became known, the unknown man attacked with a knife on the visitors to the local shopping centre Аrndale (to see the video, doscroll down the page).

The attacker managed to injure four people before he was detained by the police. On the state of health of victims is not reported.

The time of arrest were videotaped eyewitnesses. The man was hit with a stun gun and twisted. The motives for the attack remain unknown.

After the attack, the shopping center was evacuated and the area cordoned off.

Кровавая бойня в торговом центре: «людей срочно эвакуировали, здание окружено», кадры атаки Кровавая бойня в торговом центре: «людей срочно эвакуировали, здание окружено», кадры атаки

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the police detained a suspect in the murder of 40-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter in the town of Kicman Chernivtsi region.

The press service of the National police, on suspicion in murder detained a native son of the deceased woman.

It is noted that during an operation in search of the attacker the police found out that he left the territory of Bukovina and is located in Kiev.

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Failed to apprehend him on the night of October 5 at the capital’s railway station. There he confessed to committing a double murder.

Already the detainee declared suspicion in Commission of the offense under part 2 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

During the investigative experiment the suspect has in detail told, how killed their mother and sister. He also admitted that the last time didn’t get along with her mother, after which he decided to kill her in advance and prepared for the crime. Sister he decided to kill since she was a witness to the murder. The bodies he hid in the well.

The court chose to the detainee a measure of restraint in form of detention.

We also wrote about the fact that in Austria the teenager killed five members of one family.

The ski resort was discovered the bodies of five people after the alleged killer himself came to the police station to confess.

According to preliminary information, the young man jealous girlfriend. According to law enforcement officials, the young man out of jealousy killed his girlfriend and four members of her family.

Recall that the truth was revealed about the past of the serial killer who nightmare of Kiev.

As reported Politeka, the shooting was opened near the synagogue, there are victims.

Also Politeka wrote that a woman staged a bloody massacre in Lviv.