The caravans will come out of zecs

1198100 (1)The Department of Forest, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) will spring cleaning in permanent trailers installed on the territory of zecs this summer. The resort disguised as camping will be thing of the past with the new measures, designed to fill the gaps in these territories.

Managers of 10 zecs in the region five years (by July 2021) to meet the requirements of the Department, but the caravan must leave their campsite in fall 2016, but users of the Zec Martin-Valin They got a suspended sentence of one year to leave the country.

illegal occupation

The new measures aim to curb the illegal appropriation of land and accessibility issues. “The situation is different for each of zecs province. Some already have good supervision of this activity while for others everything will be done “argued Henri Simard, president of the regional grouping zecs managers.

“In some areas, users have carried a caravan there 15 years. They parked near a lake and did not move from this place, “gives as an example the manager, adding that the new rules were negotiated by the ZEC administrators with MFFP

Among the new standards put forward, the one requiring the owner of a camping equipment to remove installation 48 hours after the big game or at the latest on 30 November (except landscaped campsites where annual occupancy is permitted) cause the most inconvenience to fans of hunting and fishing. Several campers had set up their caravan permanently and equipment spending the winter under the snow to find her in the spring. They will now have to move from rustic camping site.

Zec Martin-Valin

“On our ZEC ago 232 trailers installed outside several sites not run for a long time. It is all a problem for the management of our territory. There are many users who will not return next year if they have to move their old trailer. It is estimated that the new standards will result in revenue losses of $ 40,000 per year for our area, “said Raynald Lapointe, president of the Zec Martin-Valin with over 1,400 members.

“The 232 trailers outside sites on our territory represents 50% of all campers nine zecs the region. We are affected by the new standards. We have not enough employees to take inventory of all primitive campsites in the area. It will take the department gives money to rectify the situation, “said Raynald Lapointe. ZEC has also been hiring for the summer with a civil engineering technician who will make proposals to management for development of camping sites to comply with the standards.

The type of equipment allowed for camping is identified as “equipment designed specifically for this purpose which must be mobile, temporarily installed and not attached to the ground, that is to say on wheels that can move.” The equipment on blocks, like a renovated cottage, will not be tolerated because of the number of situations in which the occupation has become permanent and comparable to the resort.

The new provisions provide that ancillary facilities must be deposited directly on the ground or on blocks; that the sum of their areas can not exceed that of the camping gear (ratio 1: 1) that the facilities should not be attached to camping equipment; no insulation, no plumbing and no electrical wiring is permitted in walls, in floors or roof additional facilities to camping equipment. Campers will have to be resourceful to install a light in their shed.

Zecs managers may be more restrictive than the ministry on the types of equipment and allowed camping accessories and the period of stay. The rustic campsite can be performed in a dispersed manner in the territory, but requires that the equipment be removed at the end of the season. These measures do not apply to tents.

It is up to zecs managers to define in the coming years the different campsites. “Some zecs will have to make changes to meet the new standards of the ministry. We are well prepared to make adjustments where campers at their request, but the department will provide the necessary funding to make improvements where group of campers, “asserts Henri Simard who is also chairman of the regional grouping zecs of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Users who do not comply with supervisory measures receive offenses and could even see their equipment and facilities dismantled.

revenue losses
Zecs often tolerated these facilities in the past. These users bought their hunting and fishing rights, their right of way and paid camping fees, which represented considerable income for managers. However, users do not pay taxes to the MRC nor the rate of a resort lease in the department.

The framework aims to force users to observe the temporary nature of the practice of camping and making them comply with the Act on public land of the State which provides that “no person shall erect a permanent structure without having a right issued by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. The issuance of such authorization for a permanent structure is not possible in the context of the practice of camping, “the ministry said.

zecs managers must take inventory of their territory within the next five years to define the landscaped and rustic sites.

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