The car ran over a scooter with children: the details of the tragedy

Автомобиль наехал на скутер с детьми: подробности трагедии

15-year-old boy and his 8-year-old sister was involved in a road traffic accident

The tragedy occurred on the route Ukraine-Oleshky, Kherson region.

The kids rode on a scooter. On the outskirts of the village of Fruit on them things suddenly flew Daewoo Lanos with a 30-year-old driver behind the wheel, according to Online Nova Kakhovka.

Автомобиль наехал на скутер с детьми: подробности трагедии

As a result of collision the brother and sister were killed.

As previously reported, on the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples in Kiev (in the direction from the left Bank) car hit a man with a child. It is reported by the Facebook community “Kyiv Operational”.

The publication said that the incident occurred on may 16. Renault drove into the barrier, with the result that it was thrown into the crosswalk where he was hit by a man 27 years with a five year old daughter. Then the car flew over the green spaces and the sidewalk, and then flew into the fence.

According to witnesses of the accident, they were shocked that after the accident the driver, who did not receive any damage, did not even bother to call an ambulance and just went and collected the scattered parts of his car. The girl to the hospital took bystanders, and her father was admitted to hospital by ambulance.

The driver of the car did nothing to comment on the incident.

Earlier it was reported about a terrible accident in the District in Kyiv, during which killed three soldiers. Law enforcement authorities announced the preliminary cause of the tragic accident. In their view, the role played by technical failure of the car brakes failed. It is also known that the driver fell asleep.

“One of the victims was left with 3 children…” — write indifferent Ukrainians in the network. In a video posted to Facebook, clearly shows that none of the passing drivers didn’t even stop when he saw the terrible moment of impact.

We will remind, on may 10, around 7 am on the ring road a car VAZ with the military MAN and the truck got in an accident.

Автомобиль наехал на скутер с детьми: подробности трагедии

According to police, the car VAZ was moving in the direction of Akademgorodok, about Wallpaper market at full speed crashed into a parked truck, standing on the outside lane.

According to the preliminary version, the driver of a passenger car fell asleep at the wheel, the blow was of such force that two people in the car, died on the spot.

According to preliminary information, the soldiers came back home in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi to the teachings of the United forces.

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As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident on 1 may.

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