The car flew into the bus stop in the city centre: details and footage of the incident

Автомобиль влетел в остановку в центре столицы: подробности и кадры ЧП

The capital saw a frightening traffic accident, which injured people

The incident happened on Thursday, August 15.

Passenger car at full speed drove into a bus stop in the heart of the city. The accident occurred in the capital of the Russian Federation Moscow, according to telegrams-channel 360tv.

Автомобиль влетел в остановку в центре столицы: подробности и кадры ЧП

It is reported that the driver was driving the vehicle, lost control.

According to preliminary data, the accident injured three people — the driver and two passengers. At the bus stop there were no injuries.

As we wrote earlier, in Kiev, a car rammed a public transport stop. As you know, the driver of the Daewoo car tire burst and the car at high speed flew to the bus stop.

It is also known that as a result of a car hitting two pedestrians suffered serious injuries, people were hospitalized and their condition was not known.

Автомобиль влетел в остановку в центре столицы: подробности и кадры ЧП

It was also reported that member of the show “Married with Buzova” Alexander Grinev was involved in a serious accident. Arrived at the doctors made the decision about the hospitalization of men.

One of the favorites “to Marry Buzova” 30-year-old Alexander green after the project is completed on time disappeared from screens, but his name surfaced in connection with the accident in Moscow.

Green was involved in a serious accident in which he needed extra help. Now clarified the circumstances of the accident. Alexander Grinev questions about his health while not responding.

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Note that green was one of the favorites of Olga Buzova, however, in the seventh edition of the star decided to say goodbye to the man. She believed that the party really didn’t love her, but simply PR.

Автомобиль влетел в остановку в центре столицы: подробности и кадры ЧП

“To be a husband for Olga he is not ready. Notably, he also showed signs of reaction lies to questions about adultery and public relations. That is, it is still possible to conclude that for man, an important public relations as a result of this project,” — that was the result of the check Grineva lie detector.

Recall, drivers in Ukraine will no longer pay for damage to their cars on the broken roads of the country. The Supreme court of Ukraine ruled that the damage done to the vehicle and should compensate structure on which balance there is a broken road.

Recall, revealed sensational details of verdict Zaitseva, “prison is just the beginning”.

As reported Politeka, Dronova recognized “not guilty” in the case Zaitseva.

Also Politeka wrote that sentence Zaitseva rebelled: “release”