The Cabinet has dramatically changed the rules for obtaining grants, Zelensky never warned what will happen to the Ukrainians

Кабмин резко изменил правила получения субсидий, Зеленский о таком не предупреждал: что ждет украинцев

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine changed the procedure for the payment of housing subsidies

So, the Ukrainians were allowed to choose the Bank where they will receive a subsidy of “live” money. The decision of the government adopted at the meeting on Wednesday, August 14, RBC.

Now the recipient can choose Bank where it is convenient to receive payments. As for subsidianes-retirees, information about their payment details and the Pension Fund will transfer automatically, and they will be able to receive subsidies together with pensions.

In the document are specified, among which financial institutions Ukrainians can choose, but most likely, we are talking about banks, which the Ministry of Finance allowed the payment of pensions to Ukrainians. This list includes 38 financial institutions.

Кабмин резко изменил правила получения субсидий, Зеленский о таком не предупреждал: что ждет украинцев

Earlier it was reported that the representative of the President of Ukraine in the government of Andrew Gerus believes that the Cabinet wants to change the criteria for determining subsidianes to provide vulnerable residents of Ukraine.

“Last year was the change of criteria of definition of subsidianes. It was almost 7 million subsidianes, and at the beginning of this year this number was reduced to 3.6 million, i.e. almost twice. Some seniors who have grandchildren spelled out in last year and did not receive subsidies. We want to change that and to clarify the criteria that the state helped them,” said Gerus in the television broadcast.

According to him, living in rural areas or regional centers of the older retired persons with a pension less than 2 thousand hryvnias, from which prescribed not living with them, grandchildren, lost the right to receive subsidies.

Кабмин резко изменил правила получения субсидий, Зеленский о таком не предупреждал: что ждет украинцев

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He also stressed that the new subsidianes Cabinet needs to change the decision on criteria for their identification and, according to these criteria, proportion of households will be entitled to the subsidy.

“People who recently were ineligible for subsidies, they’ll report it, they will have to submit documents, about 1 million families, and will be eligible to receive subsidies,” — said the representative of the President.

In addition, Gerus noted that previously receiving subsidies will automatically receive them in the future. “There must be a simplified procedure”, — he said.

We will remind, decrease in tariffs will not be among Zelensky has destroyed the hopes of the Ukrainians: “this requires…”

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians will satisfied with rigid inspection, Zelensky looking for money and touch someone.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the fateful decision on pensions: that will change.