The Cabinet confirmed that the price of gas for the population will grow

Gas prices for industry and the public after the talks with the International monetary Fund are likely to be aligned.

В Кабмине подтвердили, что цены на газ для населения вырастут

About this in comments to journalists said the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik, reports UKRINFORM.

“Extension (of the decision on imposing special duties — ed.) for 1.4 years was carried out by the Ministry. What will be the outcome of the negotiations? The Prime Minister has announced that we can’t have constructive conversations with the IMF. Will increase. How much and what I can’t say, because I am not a participant in the negotiations,” said Nasalik.

According to him, the increase was likely to align the price of gas for the population and the price of gas for industry.

As you know, according to the regulation on imposing special obligations on the subjects of natural gas market to ensure that the public interest in the operation of the natural gas market, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 22.03.2017 No. 187 (amended), “Naftogaz of Ukraine” carries out delivery of natural gas for household consumers at the price of 4 942 UAH/thousand cubic meters (without VAT).

For industrial consumers and other economic entities to conclude contracts with August 30, 2018 Naftogaz proposed natural gas price 10 208,00 — 11 115,00 UAH/thousand cubic meters (without VAT) depending on volume of purchases and payment terms.

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