The brutal murder of the veteran of the ATO: new facts emerged, “could be saved”

Жестокое убийство ветерана АТО: всплыли новые факты, "можно было спасти"

There are new details of the brutal murder of the veteran, Eugene textbook] ATO in Zaporozhye region

As we previously reported, recently in Sochi had committed the brutal attack on a veteran of the war in the Donbass Eugene Babanskiy.

After the beating, Deputy head of the NGO “Defenders of Ukraine” was in intensive care, but some time later died from his injuries.

Жестокое убийство ветерана АТО: всплыли новые факты, "можно было спасти"

As we know, Evgeny Babanskiy after the incident fell into a coma and on the third day died. As militiamen told the killer of a veteran of the ATO is already in custody. They found 30-year-old resident of Sochi. Under the law, the murderer shines from seven to ten years of imprisonment.

Eyewitnesses in conversation with journalists noted that the conflict between the two men arose late in the evening of may 15 in one of the public stops in the center of Energodar. Junior party skirmishes inflicted a heavy injury, 48-year-old veteran of the ATO. Having received a strong blow in the head, the senior man “passed out”. And the malefactor, having seen what he had done, fled the scene of an emergency.

Eyewitnesses of the tragedy also believe that Eugene Babanskii after the beating could have been saved, but the hospital was not modern equipment. In fact, it turned out that in the whole city there is not a single working MRI machine. There was no opportunity for computed tomography.

At the same time, according to local media reports, the 48-year-old veteran of the ATO did not allow to transport him to the regional center, so that the neurosurgeons can perform the surgery, which probably would have saved Eugene Babanskiy.

Жестокое убийство ветерана АТО: всплыли новые факты, "можно было спасти"

As previously reported, in the Zaporozhye region was brutally murdered activist and veteran of the ATO Eugene Babanskiy. This was reported by Ukrainian journalist Igor Kotelenets on his page in Facebook. In connection with the received traumas the man died in the intensive care unit.

“In Energodar occurred the massacre of a warrior ATO, public activist Eugene Babaskin. He is now in the intensive care unit, he cracked his head, doctors estimate its condition as critical. Babanskij IU is a co-founder of the volunteer organization “Defenders of Ukraine”, which they created together with my brother, a political prisoner of the Kremlin by Yevgeny Panov. Eugene babanskij IU — athletic, family-oriented. I hope soon to be able to set involved (assuming it’s not domestic assault)”, — he wrote.

Later Kotelenez supplemented your post with the sad news that Babanskii died.

We will remind, young men beat up a member of the ATO and paid off.

We also wrote that in Kiev was brutally beaten by ATO in the eyes of the police.

Even politeka reported, Volyn ATO was beaten to a pulp.