The brutal massacre shocked the country, 14 of the victims, the number of victims is growing: urgent statement of the Ministry of defense

Жестокая бойня потрясла страну, 14 погибших, количество жертв растет: срочное заявление Минобороны

The militants have shown cruelty in battle — killed 14 soldiers

During the fighting with forces of the so-called Kurdish coalition “Forces of democratic Syria” near the town of RAS al-ain in the Syrian province of hasakah, killing 14 Turkish soldiers.

About it reports TV channel “al-Mayadin” with reference to its sources.

So according to the militants, their forces successfully “reflect the advancing Turkish army to the East of RAS al-Ayn.” As you know, large-scale military operation was launched by Turkey in Syria the day before. In the incident with the Turkish military, Ankara, in turn, said that during operations in Syria have been killed 109 fighters. As noted by the President of Turkey Erdogan and the representatives of the Ministry of defense, Turkish armed forces “in the course of a new cross-border operations have captured all the objectives”.

As you know, Ankara October 9 start the operation “Source of peace” in the North of Syria. The day before, on 5 October, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced readiness to launch a military operation in Syria.

Жестокая бойня потрясла страну, 14 погибших, количество жертв растет: срочное заявление Минобороны

We will remind, earlier it was reported that there were a number of explosions at weapons depot in Central Syria. According to preliminary data, killed 20 people. As reported by Syrian media, the incident occurred on Saturday, October 5, near the camp of Tal-Salba in Hama province.

The explosion killed 20 Syrian and Russian military, including General of the Russian Federation. Another 30 people were injured. Destroyed three buildings, 4 vehicles and multiple rocket launchers.
The cause of the explosion, as noted, was the improper storage of missiles and ammunition.

Recall also, the military of the Russian Federation in North-West Syria on Monday, July 22 airstrike in the area killed many people. Russia struck a military strikes on the market in the area of de-escalation:

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“The victims were 17 civilians, including one representative of civil defense Idlib (White helmets)”.

Жестокая бойня потрясла страну, 14 погибших, количество жертв растет: срочное заявление Минобороны

It is also known that because of the actions of the militants suffered settlements Martinlogan, Bidam, Carbine and the village of tel Mannish in Idlib province:

“As a result of air strikes inflicted on the morning of 22 July, on the market in the village Martinlogan — killed 17 people, including the representative of forces of civil defense Idlib. In addition, dozens of civilians were injured “, — said the head of the office of civil defense Idlib (White helmets) Hajj Yusuf.

So according to human rights, only in the period from 26 April to 12 July in the area of de-escalation in Idlib killed 606 civilians, including 111 women and 157 children and adolescents. The armed opposition of the country reports that the strikes on the village of Martinlogan struck the Russian space forces.

Recall that the terrorists got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce: soldiers of the APU are the new loss