The brutal massacre of a beautiful flight attendant overgrown parts: shocked even the parents

Зверская расправа с красавицей-стюардессой обросла деталями: шокированы даже родители

In the Russian Federation was detained by the beast, which dealt with the beautiful flight attendant right in the hotel room

Reported by Mash.

“In Moscow, arrested the killer of a stewardess in a hotel in Vnukovo village. This young man lost girl Nikita dynein”, — stated in the message.

Зверская расправа с красавицей-стюардессой обросла деталями: шокированы даже родители

The reporters said that now the guy is being taken for interrogation to the investigator. As it turned out, he was hiding in the hotel, which was located in the village Kartmazovo.

The mother of suspected perpetrator does not believe in the version of the murder. And the fact that her son is wanted by the police learned from the media.

“No preconditions were not! About this girl (Albina) I didn’t know anything. I asked him as a personal. He didn’t answer. He was supposed to come in mid-July to us. Talked about work, any transaction projects. He traveled a lot around the world, for training related to the marketing,” she said.

Also the kid’s mother said that the son was really in love with another, but burned.

“She didn’t reciprocate. Since then, he often changed partners and their relations parents haven’t said anything”, — underlined in the message.

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As previously reported, in the Russian hotel Vnukovo village harsh with 23-year — old flight attendant- a native of Naberezhnye Chelny Albina Muhametzyanova.

It is known that she checked into a room with a man, and in the morning her body was found in a tub of water — with traces of violent death. The flight attendant was in the clothes, the neck — fingerprints, cause of death — strangulation.

Police found the suspect: Nikita. He rented a room for two, the day of the murder extended it, then went to the side of the restaurant, called a taxi and left.

Зверская расправа с красавицей-стюардессой обросла деталями: шокированы даже родители

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