The British royal family is relieved: Prince Philip is out of the hospital

A little trip to the hospital and hope all goes better. Prince Philip, 96, was hospitalized the day before yesterday. To relieve his wife Queen Elizabeth II and all his royal family.
Arriving at a certain age, an unexpected stay in the hospital is often disturbing. But not when one is Prince Philip visibly! The announcement of the hospitalization of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, 96 spring, Tuesday night because of infection, had missed a heartbeat to many of his subjects. The Buckingham Palace statement announcing the news had nevertheless been reassuring, saying that this was a simple “precautionary measure”.
Precautions taken early enough to avoid any aggravation of the state of health of the prince, who left the hospital Edouard-VII today as Hello indicates. A stay of forty-eight hours which allowed the queen’s one and only great love to recover enough to continue her convalescence alongside Elizabeth II. Left discreetly from the private part of Edward VII, the prince returned home to the castle of Windsor to continue to recover from this ugly infection and enjoy his royal retreat.

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