The bride Rozenko stunned the naked photo: “Compared with a fan”

Невеста Розенко ошарашила голым фото: "Сравнили с вентилятором"

The bride of Paul Rozenko, a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan stunned fans with a new naked photo

Elena-Cristina Swan on his account on the social network Instagram often puts new photos.

This time the TV presenter has shocked followers with a picture in which she is on the background of the bed with no pants, under the guise of blue cloth, the color of the curtains in the background.

Невеста Розенко ошарашила голым фото: "Сравнили с вентилятором"

“And behind the curtain sits the Director. And says that I became a fan. Good morning, not my fans” — with humor signed Christine.

“AAA what is love”, “Beauty”, “Christina, you are always beautiful”, “OPA OPA. What a Frank Potocki went??))”, “Fan. the comparison is cool, I mean some of the blade sticking out”, “Well, you still there we can see her panties)))”, “light of my mirror, I came to wash)),” write the happy fans.

Невеста Розенко ошарашила голым фото: "Сравнили с вентилятором"

Невеста Розенко ошарашила голым фото: "Сравнили с вентилятором"

Earlier it was reported that the bride of Paul Rozenko showed in the network as rested with her lover.

TV presenter and journalist Elena-Cristina Swan on the eve rested with her fiance and friends in Spain. Beautiful Barcelona has welcomed guests from Ukraine with good weather. Company to fame, fun, “the dove” Olena-Kristina Lebid and Paul Rozenko — in Kiev.

Elena-Cristina Swan has posted a selection of photos from vacation and signed it so:

“Well, after Sunny Barcelona. But how nice to have friends like beautiful Ksyunya, knowing about the bars everything. Thanks for the invite, lodged, warmed, fed and grazed on the incredible and unusual places in Barcelona. You and David made this visit a bright, sincere and very tasty. But the “paella for four” should be renamed to “paella in the company of soldiers””.

Fans actively comment on pair of vivid pictures:

“Like true love, are so different, the attraction… cool”, “Cool couple, happiness to you”, “Cool”.

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