The bread turned out to be a deadly product: “you need to eat right”

Хлеб оказался смертельно опасным продуктом: «нужно есть правильно»

Baked goods pose a serious risk to health

The aroma of fresh baking is one of the most delicious in the world. Of course, sometimes to eat freshly baked bread can be, but when it becomes a tradition, expect trouble.

Increases the risk of the deadly disease

Scientists say that hot food should not be consumed because of the risk of cancer. When people regularly consume food piping hot, the risk of cancer increases 8 times.

The fermentation process

As soon as a fresh loaf of bread gets into the intestines, waking the bad bacteria begin to act. They are fed grain starch that is transformed into other substances. Such processes lead to inflammation in the digestive system, and you have bloating and even abdominal pain.

Хлеб оказался смертельно опасным продуктом: «нужно есть правильно»

Formed impenetrable clumps

From lush and gentle baking eats feature — it rolls down in lumps, which struggled to move from one to another on the digestive tract and stomach are not amenable to influence of gastric juice. This digestive process is disrupted, which leads to serious consequences.

Yeast addiction and gastritis

Almost all bakery products rich in thermophilic yeast. There are warm pastries so at risk of gastritis. Also love lush bread dangerous disorders in the lymphatic system, the exit from the body of important minerals and even depression.

Хлеб оказался смертельно опасным продуктом: «нужно есть правильно»

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Weight increases and self-esteem plummets

There is another reason not to eat fresh pastries, about which they know a girls weight gain. Yeast contribute to the growth of fat, especially in the waist area.

Earlier in Krivoy Rog woman found a thread in the purchased bread. The citizen reported that buying a product in one of the shops of the Ingulets. About the strange purchase she wrote in the social network.

There she showed the bread that I bought at one of the local shops. The bread is visible a large skein of white yarn.

Recall that the Network is shocked by the terrible discovery in the pasta from the store.

As reported Politeka, founder of Amazon has become the richest man in history.

Also Politeka wrote that doctors have uncovered the recipe for health is available to everyone: you will need two minutes a day.