The Braves in a new circuit

braves-evolueront-ligue-hockey-junior(Farnham) It is now confirmed, the Braves Farnham changing circuit and will compete in the Junior League AA Laurentides-Lanaudiуre next season.

“It’s official. It was accepted by a large majority, a vote against a ten. Of the 11 existing franchises of the league, ten voted in favor of our coming, but also that of Trois-Rivières and Nicolet, “the DG Braves, Jean-Charles Lajoie.

Draveurs de Trois-Rivières, who won the Dodge Cup last spring, and Petroleum Courchesne Nicolet, who share a good rivalry with the Braves, will also make the jump in this league.

Recall that the Junior League AA Estrie-Mauricie recently announced that it was suspending its activities for one year following the dissolution of the Sherbrooke team. V. Boutin in Plessisville, which was the fifth team this circuit will in turn join the Junior League of Quebec AA-Bellechasse.

“I am very satisfied. This is a very good league, very tidy, very well run as was ours elsewhere. By cons, there are many more teams, so people will see because of the novelty will play much less often against the same teams. It’ll be very exciting, “says Mr. Lajoie.

With the arrival of Farnham, Nicolet and Trois-Rivières, the new league Braves have 14 training next season. This will make things more interesting on the ice and despite what you might think, it will make life easier for some players Junior AA club Farnham.

“It will be interesting to our CEGEP and university students in Montreal and Ottawa. The League is natural for them other. This is much less far to go play in Plessisville Sunday or off at Nicolet on a Friday night. This is a relevant change for us and more, the League has substantially the same regulations as ours, “says Lajoie.

The latter specifies that the Braves were on average 144 km to go play a game on the road last year. This average will drop to 122 km, although Farnham will now move to the North Shore of Montreal. “We borrowed that country ranks almost last year. There, above all we will make the highway “, welcomed the head honcho of the Braves.

After some negotiations, the Braves also obtained a guarantee that they will visit only once to the two most distant teams, the Diables Mont-Tremblant and Mont-Laurier Rapides. Better yet, these two games will be played in the same weekend. These two clubs will move as just once in Farnham.

“It will be a short trip. It is a little further than going in Plessisville, but we will go there once a year. It will allow us to do a team building since it will bring the little guys and we’ll sleep at the hotel on Saturday night. It’ll be fun, “says Lajoie.

The Estrie-Mauricie league dissolved

Rather than taking a one-year break, the Junior League AA Estrie-Mauricie will be dissolved altogether. “That does not mean she will not return, but she will have to be reformed if necessary,” says Jean-Charles Lajoie.

“All’s well that ends well because they did not have a league with four teams in the Eastern Townships, Mauricie. It would have been too little and it would have ended up in a zoo. We have played eight times against each team, it would have been ridiculous. We did not want that. Hoping that the territory of Sherbrooke, Magog may have a stronger team in the future. Apart from this, we are ready for the rest, “he added.

Mr. Lajoie also ensures that he will do everything possible so that the Braves have good alignment next fall, which will allow them, he hopes to quickly gain a foothold in their new circuit.

“For the product on the ice, it is certain that appearance, it is less clear than last year, but we work very hard to bring the right ingredients to have a good team.”

Moreover, it will not be difficult for the Braves to access the Dodge Cup provincial championship since the Junior AA is played according to the territorial representation.

“It does not matter at this level. Once the season is over, we will have to play a series – the regional finals – from mid-March against Plessisville and the winner will represent the Eastern Townships at the Dodge Cup, “said Lajoie.

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