The “Boxes in shape” to move

nathan-mathis-paradis-pris-plaisir(Granby) These treasure chests, large vats filled with fun equipment (balloons, balls, hoops, badminton rackets, sticks, etc.) have appeared in the decoration of Fortin and Jean-Yves Phaneuf parks, Granby. A similar tank will also soon be installed at Daniel-Johnson Park. A new way to get kids moving, initiated by cultural and community life of Granby (VCCG).

“It exists elsewhere. It is not we who invented the concept. But found the idea really good and so we decided to do in Granby, “said Tuesday the director of VCCG Valerie Brodeur, during a press briefing held at Fortin Park, located Cyr.

Adapted to the seasons, the varied content of the boxes is available to all, free, and at all times. Only a few rules must be followed: respect the equipment, use it within the park and tidy after use.

Citizens can even add material in the tanks if they wish to dispose of some items, highlighted the youth coordinator to VCCG, Melody Poulin.

Called “shaped boxes”, the project could eventually be extended to other municipal parks, if the results are positive, has advised Ms. Brodeur.


Tuesday morning, the children present at Fortin Park requires pedagogical day, seemed happy to dig into the tray to unearth the ball or other accessory with which they were going to have fun.

Valerie Brodeur points out that the experiment was successful in other cities. She said Granby residents to trust and not fear the flight hardware. “In Granby, it is as fine elsewhere,” she says.

cultural and community life of Granby wishes, with this initiative, the Citizens Reclaim the neighborhood parks. Get kids moving, just to thwart the alarming statistics on physical inactivity, is another big concern VCCG.

To this end, the activity in a park near you, with the squad fit, already takes place in two city parks: Saturday morning at Fortin Park and Sunday morning at Parc Jean-Yves Phaneuf-Street Fournier, 10 am to 12 pm. Facilitators present at these appointments scheduled until June 26, various activities to move families.

Boxes for fitness, cultural and community life of Granby has counted on the collaboration of Canadian Tire, Momo Sports and Healthy Kids Granby Haute-Yamaska. They offered the bins, sports equipment as well as support for the implementation of the project.

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