The Book Fair takes off

jour-mise-place-mercredi-salon(Trois-Rivieres) Although it began Wednesday with a tour of authors in schools, it is Thursday that the 28th edition of the Three Rivers Book Fair truly takes its stride with activities both outside the walls on its main site at the Delta hotel.

What better incentive than free entry and for everyone? The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 17 pm but activities will be started several times since the first of the day takes place at 9 am at the Trois-Rivières detention facility receiving the author William Morrissette who trifluvian publish with domestic terror, his second thriller.

Another place, another tone: Fabien Cloutier, actor, writer, comedian and so many other things, will be at Lafleche College for a great meeting from 12 h 15. It is open to all.

Cloutier, who knows an unexpected popularity, will also somewhat biased since it will also be an interview at 19 am at Literary Bistro Télé-Québec.

Far from seeking to reach a certain intellectual elite, the author appreciates the invitation of the Book Fair for the opportunity it gives him to get in touch with the public appreciates.

“What surprises me is that I joined the public if different from each other. In chronic published in Find yourself a life I adopt the special tone that characterizes my various writings and although I know it may not appeal to everyone, I am amazed to touch so many people. ”

“The visibility I take a few years obviously helps a lot. There are people who have seen me on TV in The beautiful ailments who want to buy the book, others that the book incites to come see my show on stage.

There’s even a guy who came to tell me that he did not remember having ever read a whole book and says the mine has given the taste for reading. This is what makes these meetings at the book fair so pleasant. ”

It would be too tedious to go around all the activities of the Fair and as such, it should invite the public to visit the website of the event at www.sltr.qc.ca .

That said, we present some particularly noteworthy for this first real day of the event.

After the official opening where we conduct the Awards Youth Illustration Price and new voices in literature at 17 pm, a musical performance by Chloé Sainte-Marie will be held in the CBC Area from 18 h 30 ahead improésie to an intriguing match where poetry and improvisation convoleront the knot.

Note that in a desire to create a festive atmosphere, viewers will have the opportunity to drink in the bar during these activities.

We also present, from 19 h 30, the traditional battle of the books in which the students of CEGEP de Trois-Rivières debate the merits of five books on top of a Literary Award for college. The playful debate will take place at Youth Space Marmen.

If the first day is charged, it is nothing in comparison of three including one which begins Friday at around 6 pm with the presentation of a special edition of the radio program Book Fair At home the morning of First here.

We should also mention the novelty in programming that is the Creative Mornings activity will focus on the impact of technology and new business models in the middle of the book. It’s 8 am in time for a pint.

To schedule
Thursday, March 16


17h to 18h

official opening of the event (CBC Area)

17h30 to 18h

The roots of the illustrator: meeting with the guest of honor of the day, Sampar. (Literary Bistro Télé-Québec)

5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Inner circle with Chrystine Brouillet: contest winners meet the author during an intimate drink. (Room Chenaux)

18h to 19h30

launch collective of authors here. (MG Decor Confessional)

6:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

Étienne Boulay and Patrick Marleau present their Touchdown series. (Literary Bistro Télé-Québec)

18h30 to 19h

Crossroads of silences: musical and poetic delivery Chloé Sainte-Marie to present his book-CD. (CBC Area)

19h to 19h30

Writer confidences: Fabien Cloutier presents his new book Find yourself a life. (Literary Bistro Télé-Québec)

19h to 20h

Match improésie. (CBC Area)

7:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Battle of the books: when literature comes to life! Which of the five books nominated for the Literary Prize 2015 college students deserve to win? (Youth Space Marmen)

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