The bodies of four Russian tourists found in the resort, details of the tragedy: “lying in the…”

Тела четырех российских туристов нашли на курорте, подробности трагедии: "лежали в..."

A terrible tragedy happened in the Russian resort

In the Krasnoyarsk Krai in the tent found the bodies of four tourists, Russian media reported.

Monday, August 12, in a tent on the banks of the Angara river in the Krasnoyarsk region were found the bodies of four people with symptoms of gas poisoning. Investigative bodies have begun check upon destruction of people.

Тела четырех российских туристов нашли на курорте, подробности трагедии: "лежали в..."

“In the morning to the investigating authorities, it was reported that on the left Bank of the Angara river near the settlement Novoangarsk in the tourist tent, found the bodies of four people”, — stated in the message of the GSM TFR in the Krasnoyarsk territory.

According to preliminary data, tourists have poisoned with gas from the burner in the tent, information about the age of the deceased law enforcement authorities have so far not.

The investigative Committee conducts the audit, which will be adopted procedural decision.

“It is worth noting that cases of poisoning of fishermen with carbon monoxide – a common phenomenon,” say the experts and the lovers of fishing. In the structure of mortality from acute poisoning by carbon monoxide ranks second after alcohol poisoning and surrogates.

Тела четырех российских туристов нашли на курорте, подробности трагедии: "лежали в..."

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