The Blizzard is preparing its draft

andre-bouvet-morissette-ete-laisse(Trois-Rivieres) This Saturday will host the annual auction of the North American Hockey League at Colisee Cardin in Sorel-Tracy and Trois-Rivieres Blizzard talk sixth.

A happy ending, since it did not have a first round pick at the end of the regular season.

Indeed, the general manager of the team, Sylvain Robert, sent his first selection in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce for defenseman David Foucher the trade deadline.

But Robert had an ace in his pocket, because in a previous market, it had traded the rights Yannick Lehoux in Thetford Mines Assurancia in return for a third choice.

However, this third choice would turn into first selection if Lehoux played over seven games with the cast of Bobby Baril. He eventually played nine, allowing the Blizzard to talk to the sixth level.

“We have three guys that stand out and that interest us. It could play musical chairs in the first round, but if we get one of the three, we will be very happy, “analyzes the CEO.

The Trifluviens should speak four times in the first three rounds, unless a transaction. Robert does not hide that he tested the waters in the last days, when several teams were vendors to create space on their protected list. But the interesting call never came.

Often, at the draft of the LNAH, several players have had discussions with teams about their potential compensation if they decide to join the team that gave their name. Wealthier and have an advantage.

“Jonquière moved to Cornwall and got the second overall pick. So they will speak twice before me. Sure they are scary. But when you have good crowds, you better budgets and it helps to get some players. I expect it to be the same for Riviere-du-Loup, with the series the team has had. ”

In order to recover a maximum of players, Blizzard released Alexandre Beauregard, Alexandre Durette, Maxime Sanon, Michael Belanger, Guillaume Parenteau, Alexandre Soucy, André Bouvet-Morissette and Mathieu Roy. In the case of Bécancourois Bouvet-Morissette, Robert has made this gesture as the striker went under the knife and will miss several months of activity. However, it does not close the door to put the former Idaho Steelheads in the ECHL contract thereafter.

Roch is found in Laval
Among the transactions of the last days in the LNAH, the sending among other tough guy Gaby Roch in Laval in the company of Mathieu Brunelle and Dannick Bouchard back Sébastien Laferrière, Danick Paquette, Guillaume Asselin and first choice is the most important.

Robert does not hide that he would have loved to get their hands on Roch, a favorite of the crowd during his visit to the Coliseum, but the opportunity has not presented.

“Gaby Roch was expensive, but it is quite popular. I am not surprised he is left with Eric Haley, who was his former assistant coach (Jonquiere). In the draft, we would want one, but it’s the kind of player that the junior no longer produced. It increases the value of active players.

It is interesting, but my old healer told me that he was pretty messed up with all the blows he received. And he does not play full time. Sometimes it is difficult for the atmosphere, because you cut off another player to play at home. It can create a funny atmosphere and tension. ”

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