“The blessing will not be” what not to put in an Easter basket

«Благословения не будет»: что нельзя класть в пасхальную корзину

The priest said that you should put in an Easter basket

The family of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians continue to prepare for the blessed holiday of Christ’s Voscresenie.

Ukrainians, as a rule, fill your Easter basket with anything: cakes, sausages, eggs-eggs, horseradish, butter, salt. Sometimes I try too hard as the contents of the basket should be modest. What should be put there, and what should be avoided?

«Благословения не будет»: что нельзя класть в пасхальную корзину

During the preparation of Easter baskets every housewife tries to put as many products as best as you can. While there are products, which, according to priests, should be in the basket. Traditionally, there lay six key foods are those foods to eat which are forbidden during lent.

“If we carefully listen to the priest, who blesses the food that is in the basket, if he sees that it is in the basket, there may be some things that the priest won’t even remember. First and foremost, we are talking about bread, cake, meat products, lamb, cheese, eggs and milk,” said father Roman Dutka.

However, he spoke about the foods in the basket is better not to be. According to him, “alcohol, bananas, pickles” and stuff that relates to drinking alcohol, does not need the blessing, though to remove all these products from the trash no one will not ask.

«Благословения не будет»: что нельзя класть в пасхальную корзину

“But if a person wants to receive the blessing for these products, then there is nothing to worry about. However, the final use of these things depends on us. If it’s alcohol and I eat it in moderation, then no problem, but if I want to drink much more to lose my mind, the blessing for this is not necessarily,” said the priest.

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