The bill Gerus is undermining energy security of Ukraine – European expert

Законопроект Геруса подрывает энергобезопасность Украины - европейский эксперт

We increase the import from the enemy, which may at any time to stop the supply of electricity — Krzysztof Rogulsky

Bill’s head energetichnogo cometo Verkhovna Rada Andrea Gerus zagrozu energiespar Ukraine, pichet “Commander in chief”.

About TSE saying energetyczny expert, Director konsaltingovo compan Doradztwo Gospodarcze (Poland) Krzysztof Rogulski, komentuoti bill (No. 2236-2), zgidno s Yakima dozvolite import electroenergy Belarus z and actual z Russie, I propanols of zakonodaja secrete cnow obmezhennya on rinku electroanal.

“Ye take of the understand — Energetichna security of the country … Mi Zblewo North from the gate, yaky Mauger whether yaky time we Prienai (postachannya electroenergy — ed.). And clotworthy scho s Russie, and including, z Belarus, there is such a model, yaky bude duzhe foldable Ukrainian traders konkurovat” — said Rogalski.

Expert also visavisa against zakonodavac zakreplena znova you like (price caps) for wholesale rinku elektricno ENERG, pakesley scho in umovakh rinku h Buti not guilty.

“Dumb in the Clubbing kind of understand, as a price-cap on rinku. Mi scho, soon we will ustanavlivat price-cap for the purchase of, for example, “Mercedes”, scho VIN not Mauger Buti dorogon “Gigov”? TSE vzagali. ABO we have a working market, ABO mi Robina prices on rinku, Akis price kep. Resume, TSE DW brand RSN strategy,” explaining Rogulski.

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Nagado, Comet of the Verkhovna Rada of pitane energy that zhkg 16 Zhovtnya Shvalev bill Andrea Gerus “Pro mix application rate SMN to the Law of Ukraine “About the market electroenergy “(No. 2236-2), Yakima propanols of zakonodaja secrete granick prices on wholesale rinku elektricno ENERG (price-cap) that saswati mozliwosci mporta electroenergy s RF, ale salesite s Belarus.

A number experts poltics as I said, I Blarus Rosiya scho mayut the United energosistemu, kontrolowane Moscow, I mport electroenergy z Russie — TSE import z Russie, Oskolki zgidno s data Accommo statistics Belarus, Krajina’t got profit wlasna electroanal. And also vilevile Dumka, scho bill Gerus, in Razi Yogo of pronatta, put chrest on frontiering plans of Ukraine, Oskolki uniemozliwic Ob’єdnannya ukraïnskoï I evropeysko of energosystem.

As the Secretariat Evropeiskogo energetichnogo sputhwest zaklikow saswati cnow obmezhennya on rinku electroenergy (price-cap), calling TSE nihilism zavdannyam for Kebmo I NKREKP.