The bicycle path of the 410 could be expected in spring 2017

1226551(SHERBROOKE) The construction of the bicycle bridge over the 410 could be expected in spring 2017. On the return of summer vacation, the director of urban planning service to the City of Sherbrooke, Caroline Gravel, propose new solutions the city council.

“We have several choices. We can drop, which would not be an option because we have two bike trails that go off at each end of the viaduct. We can find more money and delay the project in time. You can go with the current infrastructure: to try to do something about the existing viaduct. From the back of the board and elected, I will present them options, “she says.

Gravel was also called to explain the figures provided in the last municipal council, while it valued professional fees 10% of the project cost initially and that this amount has increased to 28.6% of total later.

The Department of Transport (MTQ), responsible for the work and that requires monitor the entire site, it says that professional fees, which include the design, preparation of plans and specifications, construction supervision and quality assurance , are between 20 and 25% of the cost of the work. “We’re talking about an estimate that is considered normal,” says Nadège Tessier, communications officer at the direction of the Estrie MTQ.

“For monitoring, the reason why the city can not do, it’s because it is normalized to the Department. To do surveillance on the books of the Ministry, there is a training that is specific and binding. Even people who work for firms who want to monitor our structures must follow these courses. ”

Caroline Gravel brings some nuances. “The 10% that I announced was 10% we had set in the preliminary estimates. MTQ were told that, in general, that’s what it costs. When the real bidding took place and that real prices are out, we turned around 28.6%. In there, I have included analyzes of soil that had to do for the bearing capacity of the soil in place. We had environmental studies for a total of $ 7,500. In the $ 2.1 million, it is really all studies, all fees that are higher than expected.

“It includes 5% contingency, but it excludes winter conditions. If we start the project in September, for example, we have winter conditions such as granulate heating. So there are additional costs. So ideally, work would be next spring. ”

City she considered to form one of its engineers to MTQ standards? “We should check the training of our structural engineer. It is possible that he has a part of it. It could be something useful, but most often, we try to be project managers, to do the work without going through the procedures of the MTQ. This is the ideal. It proceeds more quickly and we can do surveillance as appropriate for the City of Sherbrooke. ”

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