The biblical curse has befallen Russia: “the body stick white shroud”, details

Библейское проклятие обрушилось на Россию: «к телу липнет белая пелена», подробности

In Russia recorded a terrible invasion of insects

On the eve of the city of Blagoveshchensk, the Russian Federation attacked the swarms of moths fly by night companies. This is reported by Russian media, scary video also published the witnesses in the network. The footage, frankly, is not pleasant – the video shows the part of the body men sit dozens of moths literally hand wrapped in a white shroud. Insects everywhere – on water, on the streets and even in stores:

Swarming mayflies sit on the road with a continuous layer. Over the weekend of 10-11 August, the number of them on the embankment of the Amur river significantly increased”, — stated in the media reports.

Библейское проклятие обрушилось на Россию: «к телу липнет белая пелена», подробности Библейское проклятие обрушилось на Россию: «к телу липнет белая пелена», подробности

It is also known that Russian scientists have explained the reason for the mass invasion of insects. So according to the researchers, the emergence of the mayflies and mosquitoes from floods, which made changes to the ecosystem:

“Now moths mating season, so their number has increased, as has the number of deaths. Pairing in dance, the male dies immediately, and the female after laying eggs” – referred to in the comments of the Deputy Director on scientific work of the Norsky nature reserve Nikolay kolobaev.

Earlier we wrote about the previous flood in Russia — the catastrophe overtook Irkutsk oblast in early July. Then the number of flood victims reached 20 people.

“Found the bodies of 20 people, including a child.”

The total number of victims in the flood – about 2 thousand people. In the regional center of disaster medicine addressed the 1962 people, including 179 children. Was hospitalized 305 people, including 52 children.

We will remind, in Irkutsk region from 25 June impounded 96 settlements with 10 097 houses in which they live 32,7 thousand people, including almost 8 million children. This summer flood was the most powerful for all history of meteorological observations in the region:

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“It was caused by long rains last from 24 to 27 June in the Western parts of the region. Then, in the region introduced a state of emergency.”

Earlier it was reported that in the network appeared the frames of this Apocalypse that has covered one of the cities of Russia.

“Inhabitants of the Irkutsk region in distress from the powerful floods, were seen floating down the river the whole of the estate, outbuildings and cottages”.

Published footage shows that the water breaks the concrete home as a match, which then float down the river. “Here is the floating home of the towns of Nizhneudinsk and Tulun of the Irkutsk region. Real footage of eyewitnesses. It’s terrible,” says the eyewitness of state of emergency.

We will remind, the disaster has befallen Russia: deadly flood destroys everything.

As reported Politeka, powerful element fell on Russia, has died.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is waiting for a global flood: the residents of which regions is to be feared.