The best way to forget about stress and be happy

Назван лучший способ забыть о стрессе и стать счастливым

This technique will allow you to feel happy and forget about stress

Our body can and knows how to laugh, regardless of what our mind says. To cause laughter , you just want to start laughing for no reason. It is in this simple exercise is the essence of laughter yoga, which provides tremendous health benefits.

In addition to laughter, this form of yoga includes several exercises, pranayama (yogic breathing), which helps to relax the body and mind. Yoga teaches that mind and body reflect each other, and the breath is the connecting link between them. This is extremely important, because when you deepen your breath, you calm the body. When you calm the body, soothe the mind, since you cannot be physically relaxed and mentally tense. When body and mind are relaxed, you begin to understand the present.

Назван лучший способ забыть о стрессе и стать счастливым

The ability to “live” and experience the “now” is of great importance because it is the only time we can experience true happiness. Stay in the present frees us from regrets about the past and anxieties about the future and gives you the opportunity to just enjoy life.

Laughter yoga is suitable for all ages seven years to a ripe old age. The following exercises you can practice individually at home.


Stand still, close your eyes and try to relax completely. Think about someone or about something pleasant that makes you smile. Smile your thoughts, feel how you are filled with joy. Smile wider and wider, and then begin to laugh. At first quietly, then louder and louder, until the laughter. When taunt – relax your entire body. Repeat three times.

Heartfelt laughter

Pull the hands in front of him. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through the mouth. In this case, you need to exhale noisily. Then on the inhale hold your breath, as you exhale laugh. Perform each exercise for 10 minutes.

Animal laughter

Imagine yourself as an animal, for example, the mouse, and try to portray how she laughs. Maximum effect exercise provides when performing in front of a mirror.

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Laughter on the phone

Put his hand to his ear and pretend talking on the phone, and said into the phone something very funny and laugh.

Назван лучший способ забыть о стрессе и стать счастливым

Motor boat

Imagine that you start a motor boat, uttering from the diaphragm, “Ho Ho Ho”, then louder and louder “ha ha ha” and so within a few minutes.

Recall, 30 minutes of laughter a day improves health

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