The best plants to combat insomnia

Лучшие растения в борьбе с бессонницей

Indoor plants not only beautify the room but also have health benefits

Some houseplants have a calming effect and the ability to purify the air, which will help to cope with insomnia, according to Clutch.

Experts have compiled a list of plants that need to be kept at home, people experiencing sleep problems.


The delicate sweet scent of Jasmine will help you relax quickly and fall asleep. The scientists also found that the smell of blooming Jasmine contributes to the normalization of metabolism, reduces stress and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.


This plant is known for its relaxation properties. The smell of lavender will help to cope with insomnia and improve sleep. In addition, lavender neutralizes odors, saturating the air with volatile production.

Лучшие растения в борьбе с бессонницей


Valerian is famous for its calming effect and a means to normalize sleep. In addition, blooming Valerian will help to cope with headache, including migraine and reduce your stress levels.


The smell of the Gardenia flower has soothing properties, making your sleep calm and deep. If the bedroom is growing Gardenia, people will sleep well, and it is a guarantee of vivacity and good mood.

Лучшие растения в борьбе с бессонницей


The plant is famous for the fact that releases oxygen even at night, cleanse the air of toxins, which promotes better sleep. In addition, this plant is very unpretentious and does not require complex care.

Note, scientists have explained why lack of sleep could be useful. According to experts, lack of sleep sometimes even brings some benefit to the health and psyche.

The secret is that during wakefulness the body produces dopamine, responsible for physical activity. However, the dopamine thus helps outbursts of irritability and aggression.

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