The Best Pastry chef : Sylvain victim of a malaise, he explains the true reasons of his departure – Here

Last week, Sylvain was forced to leave the adventure of the Best Pastry chef in the wake of a malaise. He explained today that has really pushed to give up.

Yesterday, it is without Sylvain the episode of the Best Pastry chef has been released. Puremédias had been announced last week : the candidate was forced to leave the contest ” for personal reasons “. The victim of an anxiety attack on the plateau, the 52 year old man was taken in charge by the doctors that were summoned in the rest and, consequently, to the abandonment of the contest : “It was necessary that I take two days of rest. And unfortunately, in this kind of competition, one cannot afford to ask for a break and to be back in the competition, ” he explained to Tv Star.

But his health was somewhat worried : “I had a chest pain […] But I have very good arteries ! I have nothing at the level of the heart. It was fatigue, overwork. He had to make a decision because I need to recover “. The candidate under the influence of the stress was hard to manage his emotions : “As in all contests, there is the pressure… I wanted to give the best of myself. “If it has not been able to go to the end of his adventure, Sylvain keeps the hope of trying again, one day his luck :” If M6 has a big heart, perhaps I will resume “. The ball is in their camp !

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