The benefits of soy for women is scientifically confirmed

Польза сои для женщин научно подтвердилась

The American researchers came to the conclusion that a diet with a high content of soy is very useful for women that helps make their bones stronger. The results of this work were published Bone Reports.

Experts from the University of Missouri conducted an experiment with rats, which were distinguished by inactivity and weak bones. These signs — the reduction of physical activity and bone strength — accompanied by the female menopause.

Among experimental mice was animals with remote ovaries, and specimens with preserved ovaries. But regardless of this body dietary Supplement made of soy, animal bones stronger. In addition, these animals have accelerated metabolism, that did not happen in the control group of mice fed normal feed without the addition of soy.

Appealing to the results of the experiment, the scientists recommended a woman during menopause be sure to include in your diet soy products, particularly tofu or soy milk, which contain soy proteins.

“Our research shows that women of any age can improve your bone health and metabolism, if you start eating more soy,” — concluded in the end, lead author of a research project Professor Pamela Hinton.


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