The beginning of a new era in Drummondville

voltigeurs-drummondville-fondent-beaucoup-espoirs(Drummondville) Dominique Ducharme was on his first draft as general manager and he had the tools to initiate a turn in the hockey team of the Drummondville Voltigeurs.

After appointing a new coaching staff, he used his third pick overall to get hold of Olivier Rodrigue, the best available goalie.

“This is a serious and intelligent player. He has a good stature and good technique. We will not put too much pressure, like all young people of this age, he will need time to adjust. However, it is safe for our organization to add a player of this caliber in such an important position, “says the new CEO and head coach.

The hockey man does not hide attempting to improve his lot in order to get their hands on Benoit-Olivier Groulx or Jarred MacIsaac, the first two choices, but the price asked by his colleagues proved too high.

Still in the first round, the selected Drummondville defenseman Xavier Bernard of Châteauguay Grenadiers. It regain its coach Steve Hartley coming, too, to move to the QMJHL. It was the fourth defender only to be called on stage.

“It’s a great skater, very good with the puck. It has an excellent shot and a good vision of the game. It will become a good quarterback in this league there, “evaluates Ducharme.

He had indicated that he wished to have the opportunity to assess the players under his guidance before proceeding with transactions involving them and he kept his word, not only doing a minor trade in which he sent a choice the repechage.

Modest proofed for Tigers

At the other end of the 122, the Victoriaville Tigres gave a vote of confidence in their training, repêchant only 11 players, including two Americans in the most uncertain presence for the training camp this fall .

The organization shared its six selections to get hold of choices for the repechage 2017. Among the players they brought in Victoriaville include striker Cédric Desruisseaux, a little guy instead.

“It’s cliche, but he was seen above it on our lists. For both bantams, as Quebec Games or at the last combination, he managed to stand out. That will depend on how Eric (Veilleux) sees things, but it could be in the lineup this fall, “says the recruiter-chief, Pierre Cholette.

It no secret that he would have liked to recover more defenders to add depth, but the targeted players have spun their fingers. Felines are now preparing for the European draft which will be held at the end of the month. They then attempt to replace Austria’s Mario Huber.

“It is quite advanced, but it’s still rock’n’roll Euros, a day they come the next day not. This is not always the best player is chosen, but one that will come to play here, “he concludes.

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