The Beckhams gave an English lesson to people in poor Indonesian villages

Бекхэмы дали урок английского языка жителям бедной индонезийской деревни

Vacation David and Victoria Beckham with children in Indonesia continues the second week they rest on the Islands, dedicating their time to strengthening family ties. Given the usual schedule for Beckham and their travel across continents, they do it rarely. However, the escape from civilization is not meant for the Beckhams break in chronicling the social networks. All family members actively share with the fans of video and photos. Today, for example, they amicably broke “followers” about your adventure — arriving in one of the poor villages on the island of Sumba, they not only mingle with the locals, but also staged a free English lesson for kids.

At the beginning of last week, the family of Beckham full squad arrived in Bali. They managed to catch even an earthquake on the island of Lombok, which is located a few kilometers to the East of the island, where the Beckhams. However, from the unpleasant residue they quickly recovered by walking the waterfalls, family dinners and Lunches, surfing and other pleasures of life.

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