The beautiful lesson in cinema

emile-schneider-juliette-gosselin-pleine(Granby) Berthe and Pierre Sauvageau are twins. She is disabled, he cares for her. In the Montreal World War II, the two young adults live a symbiotic relationship, tinged with forbidden feelings.

This is history in the heart of the new movie Kiss me like you love me , starring Juliette Gosselin and Emile Schneider, two rising stars of the Quebec cinema, which L has the East Voices was able to talk on Tuesday amid the media circus following the press screening of the film in Sherbrooke.

If Emile raised in Shefford, Juliette, she has strong ties to Granby. “Father Martin of Granby and I still have family. For me, the road to Granby is always holiday symbol and treats at my grandparents! “Says the actress.

In addition to being directed by filmmaker Andre Forcier ( Hot water water fret, a made-up story, The Wind Wyoming ), Juliette and Emile have shared the stage with major Québec actors the likes of Céline Bonnier, Antoine Bertrand, Roy Dupuis, Pascale Montpetit and Rémy Girard.

Nothing to scare, however. “It was intimidating at first, but it quickly becomes reassuring. Playing is a bit of a sport. I saw them as playing partners who helped me to be better, “notes Juliette, who found particular Céline Bonnier for the second time at the movies.

“These are all film lessons with André Forcier – one of the great filmmakers that Quebec has known – Céline Bonnier, Roy Dupuis, Antoine Bertrand, Julien Poulin … And I learned a lot with Juliette, of course” , for his part said Emile.

Son Pierre Sauvageau, stoic and eager to enlist, he has worked, he said, even if the power of the text “gave everything.” He has researched and was also inspired by his paternal grandfather, a war hero.

For this shoot, where the theme of incest is underlying, where love is forbidden, Emile admits going into emotionally intense areas, have lived scenes from baptisms and interpreted states that had not yet never played.

“It’s a great script and André Forcier is a holy man, he said. We were really in the creation, in the tragi-comic in the extreme. It feels really good to see a movie like that in 2016. ”

Beyond taboos

According to him, the approach comes Forcier transcend taboos. A view shared by his partner Juliette Gosselin.

“I never saw the script as a story of incest. This is an impossible love with a lot of fantasy and imagination all around. ”

Her character Bertha Sauvageau, she loved him and she still loves, she slips. “The more we talk to me, what comes is: damn that you’re hateful! I found touching Berthe in her hysterics. I saw through his infirmity, this love for his brother through his mother who takes all the space … In fact, she is a human volcano. ”

This character in the nascent sensuality, born of his talent, it was discovered for the very first alone in the basement of André Forcier. “I did not know what to expect. I always have trouble watching me on screen. But being alone to look, I was just feeling things without thinking about what others might think. This is a movie that made me laugh and made me upset. ”

And all the glamor surrounding the launch of the film is how? “I’m two advertising girl, so I know the game. If it is to make people want to see the movie, fine. And it’s also a nice excuse to find us! “Says Juliette, without too take offense.

The film has already been presented in world premiere on August 25 at the World Film Festival (WFF) – where he won the award for best Canadian film and that of innovation. The film will also be the Film Festival of Quebec City on 15 September.

Kiss me like you love me released in theaters on September 16.

Another great outlet for Émile Schneider
Like it or not, Émile Schneider will get used to red carpets. Just kiss me like you love me started, it will participate in the promotion of another feature film in which he starred.

In the pact angels Richard Angers, he shares the screen with Marc Messier and Kim Lenni-Lalande.

The synopsis is as follows: a man (Messier) is kidnapped by two young brothers (Schneider and Lalande) in trouble. This unlikely trio will then live a tumultuous road trip, which will reveal their true nature. Putting aside their prejudices, they will have to unite to get by.

The pact angels will have its world premiere at the opening of International Cinema Film Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (FCIAT). The Quebec will travel also work elsewhere, including in Belgium.

The output in Quebec theaters will take place on 4 November.

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