“The beach is littered with the bodies”: scientists have named the cause of the disaster with jellyfish in the sea of Azov

"Пляж усеян телами": ученые назвали причину катастрофы с медузами в Азовском море

Scientists have explained why the sea of Azov was filled with thousands of jellyfish

This summer in the sea of Azov noticed a large number of jellyfish. Environmentalists claim that they were in Azov through the Kerch Strait, reports UKRINFORM.

"Пляж усеян телами": ученые назвали причину катастрофы с медузами в Азовском море

“This year, because of the strong evaporation of water the salinity in the Azov sea has increased. Medusa walked into the Azov sea through Kerch Strait,” — said the Deputy Director of the Department of ecology Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Alexander Sergienko.

Environmentalists gave the example that in the Western part of Azov salinity increased to 14 ppm, and in utluk estuary up to 16-17 ppm.

“Warm water, salinity, plankton is the perfect environment for jellyfish. Especially in Genichesk, Primorsk, Kyrylivka near the island biruchiy, Fedotov spit. For the environment they are not harmful, but people stay messed up”, — stated the Deputy head of the scientific Department of pryazovskyi national nature Park Alexander Antonovsky.

The scientist claims that the sea of Azov coming in a few species of jellyfish: cornerite, Aurelia and blackfordia.

"Пляж усеян телами": ученые назвали причину катастрофы с медузами в Азовском море

“Medusa-kornerot greatest. In a diameter of 50-60 cm and has a purple trim. She’s poisonous, can cause local allergic reaction. Jellyfish-Aurelia resembles a saucer. It is smaller, can also sting. Blackfordia little”, said Alexander Antonov.

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August 4 in the sea of Azov there was a severe storm, thousands of dead jellyfish scattered across the beach. Scientists explained that this was because they could not withstand the wind and therefore die.

Environmentalists and researchers claim that as soon as the water salinity in the Azov decrease, the jellyfish will go away.

Recall that the network has shown a frightening video from the popular resort of the Azov sea – Genichesk of Kherson region.

The footage shows that the entire beach is strewn with jellyfish.

“It’s just hell who says that there are jellyfish? Let’s see what happens”, “eleven years on the Arabatsky arrow rested never midus was not…a direct invasion…they are on the attack”, “When a lot of jellyfish, it is a sign of severe water pollution! I’m afraid the near future nothing good planet will not wait!” – write the users of the network in comments to the video.

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