The basic rules fall food

As if we didn’t want to delay this moment, fall is still due. Why you should consider revising their dietary habits and their transition from summer to autumn mode.

Основні правила осіннього харчування

At different ages and at different times of the year our diet needs to be adjusted. This is due to the special needs of the organism, metabolism and energy expenditure, the duration of daylight. In the autumn increases the risk of colds and depression, and therefore need to saturate the body with vitamins and lead a particular way of life. Then no autumn melancholy you will not be afraid, informs Rus.Media.

Eat more vegetables

One of the advantages of the autumn season is rich harvests of vegetables that you can make our diet healthy food that can saturate the body with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Bake, boil, sauté the vegetables or eat them raw. Be creative in cooking and focus on onion and garlic – they protect you from viral diseases and to maintain health even in the damp cool weather.

Like dairy products

Cheeses, kefir and yogurts are ideal diversify your autumn diet, saturating the body with the necessary energy without harm to the figures. Milk products will protect you from pdialog immunity dysbacteriosis, therefore, milk and milk products should be consumed daily in the fall.

Limit consumption of fats

With the onset of cold weather, the body inherently tends to store energy in form of body fat, so during this period it is important not to lean on fatty foods. Have you noticed how you want to eat when the weather is bad? Hot meals or tea with cakes seem to be the ideal option, but it’s not. Try to replace high-calorie meals poultry, fish, nuts and avocados. These foods will provide the body adequate nutrition and will not harm the figure.

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Основні правила осіннього харчування

Please note soups

Autumn warm soups again become relevant. Entrees give a feeling of satiety and very useful for digestion. But autumn soups have their own nuances. First, they should be fast, and secondly, no harmful gas stations.

Make sweets useful

Autumn is often want to eat dessert, without which no one tea party. But if every time to pamper yourself with Goodies for your tea, you can quickly and transform themselves in butter chunk. Try to replace the harmful sweets with dried fruit, nuts and honey. By the way, the teas can also be selected with aromatic additives that make them taste especially bright and saturated.

Основні правила осіннього харчування

And, of course, the invariable rule of autumn is considered to be an active movement. Do not give in to the General gloom and melancholy for the summer, find magical moments in this beautiful season. Walk whenever possible, play the letter, admire the incredible scenery and enjoy each moment, to stay happy and healthy.

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