The balloon with the child collapsed in the Crimea: “the parents dropped” the footage of the crash

Воздушный шар с ребенком рухнул в Крыму: "родители выпали", кадры крушения

Balloon flight almost turned into a tragedy for a young family

About it write the Russian mass media.

It is reported that a terrible incident happened in occupied by Russian troops Crimea.

Воздушный шар с ребенком рухнул в Крыму: "родители выпали", кадры крушения

In particular, the balloon in the dumpster was a small child, carried away by the wind towards the sea. According to emergency services annexed Feodosia, at the time of emergency in a hot air balloon with a child as were his parents

“Family of three people riding in a hot air balloon. Suddenly, the basket hit the ground and the parents dropped out of it, the child remained inside. The balloon rose into the air, it became the wind to carry towards the coast”, – is told in the message.

It is also noted that after a while the balloon with the kid managed to land in the area occupied Feodosiya. The Kremlin-controlled local media reported that the ball fell in the yard of a private house in the Near Reeds, on the street of Friendship

“About 7:30 in the Near Reeds crashed balloon. Girl 11 years old, who was aboard, was not injured. According to the victim, her parents escaped, previously jumping out of the basket. Arrived at the scene, emergency workers” — summed up the local newspaper.

Воздушный шар с ребенком рухнул в Крыму: "родители выпали", кадры крушения

We have previously reported that in Kiev arrested two people. It is reported that the incident occurred this morning, may 3. As you know, today in Kiev there was a large fire in the manifold near the railroad tracks under the Vozduhoflotsky Prospekt, which turned into a tragedy.

According to available information, the fire broke out at 5:30. Passers-by noticed thick smoke and the smell of burning in the street and called rescuers. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it is reported that the fire killed two homeless people. It is possible that they started the fire, was trapped and could not then get out of header.

Recall that the powerful firefighters extinguish the fire at Chernobyl: “the hectares Covered by the forest.”

As reported Politeka, the largest fire occurred in Kiev, the flame blazed for more than a day: what was left of the building.

Also Politeka wrote that the fire broke out in the temple of the UOC before Easter: there was a video of incident.