The balance of the transaction filed Wall

500-policiers-necessaires-operation-muraille(Granby) Joint Regional Squads (ERM) and the Eastern Townships Granby revealed the results of Wall project, their unprecedented drug strikes that occurred Wednesday. The 500 police officers required for the operation carried out 50 arrests, 56 searches of businesses and residences and 30 searches of vehicles. The raids resulted in the seizure of huge quantities of drugs.

Members of the Red Devils, the Devils Ghosts, two clubs School s Hells Angels and one from Ontario Hells Angels Nomads are among those arrested.

The suspects, aged between 21 and 60, were arrested and some of them appeared yesterday at the courthouse of Sherbrooke. They face narcotics trafficking charges, possession for the purpose of trafficking, offense for a criminal organization and trafficking in property obtained by crime.

The searches led to the s agent to enter more than $ 170,000 in Canadian cash and $ 1,000 in US.

Huge quantity of drugs

The police have seized more than 10kg of cannabis and 800g of hashish and nearly 1,500 cannabis plants at various growth stages.

Also, they found nearly 2 kg of cocaine, more than 16 grams of crack cocaine, more than 1,500 methamphetamine tablets, more than 130 grams of ecstasy, plus 100 grams of LSD, more than 330 g of Phencyclidine (PCP) steroid and 200 units, as well as equipment used in drug trafficking.

Weapons were confiscated by the MRA, 3 handguns, 19 firearms and two tasers.

The Wall project was initiated in August 2013. It was the dismantling of a criminal organization that controlled the territories of Bromont, Cowansville, Farnham, Granby, Waterloo and surrounding areas, the level of supply, distribution and traffic of different drugs.

The police operation has mobilized nearly 500 police officers from the Sûreté du Québec, Memphrémagog police services, Sherbrooke, Granby and Bromont, and the Ontario Provincial Police.

The investigation initiated three years ago as a result of information passed to police required many technical and human resources to enable this important strikes.


André Madore, 48, of Roxton Falls and Richard Skinner, 43, of Cowansville, were identified by police as the heads of the network that was working in the supply, distribution and trafficking of drugs.

A member of the Hells Angels Nomads Ontario, Marc Bernatchez, 37, of Granby, was also arrested.

Two members of the Red Devils Ottawa, Pascal Gaudreau, 38, and Eric William, 34, and a member of Montreal, Jonathan Parent-Cazetta, 35, were pinned. Nelson Murphy, 46, and Joey Rae, 39, wearing the colors of the Devils Ghosts of Sherbrooke, also face justice.

The owner of Nitro-Gym, Ghislain Morin, 57, is one of the suspects who were arrested.

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