The author of the hit “White roses” became disabled and living in poverty: “In medicine is not enough”

Автор хита "Белые розы" стал инвалидом и живет в нищете: "На лекарства не хватает"

Composer Sergey Kuznetsov, who wrote the popular hit “White rose”, when she finds the money for the treatment

In 1989, the Soviet Union shocked the success of the young group “Tender may”. One of the greatest hits of the band was the song “White roses”. Its author Sergey Kuznetsov said in an interview to Russian media that he got for popular song.

All rights associated with the group “Tender may” belong to the producer Andrey Razin. And “White roses” were no exception. Sergei Kuznetsov tries to defend her authorship in court, not in one. But was defeated both in Russia and in international courts.

Автор хита "Белые розы" стал инвалидом и живет в нищете: "На лекарства не хватает"

Now the trials “hung in the air.” The composer said that now writes music and treated. He is the invalid of the second group. According to Kuznetsov, he receives royalties for his famous songs. However, they are very tiny — about 2 thousand roubles. In addition, the author of the hit receives a disability pension in the amount of 8 thousand rubles. Financial help and a wife who works as a singer.

“Talent in Latin — small currency, so living in poverty, on drugs is not enough, but what to do”, — complains Sergey Kuznetsov in an interview.

Despite the poverty, the composer did not give up and continues his work. He writes new compositions by posting them on its website and YouTube channel. In addition, he works on the project “the angel and the cat”.

Автор хита "Белые розы" стал инвалидом и живет в нищете: "На лекарства не хватает"

“Before, there was a group of boys, well now uncle,” said Sergey Kuznetsov.

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He said that he still works with Yuri Shatunova. After a long break, the star of “Tender may” is preparing to release his third album. He seriously approached the preparation process and not in a hurry. Together with Sergey Kuznetsov Yuriy Shatunov working for about two years. Mainly in the distance.

“Yurka working still. He did break, not recorded, not performed for some time. Contact 2 — 3 times a week via Skype, he is from Germany, I’m from Orenburg,” — says the composer.

We will remind, the pensioner has decided to repeat the “feat” Alibasov.

As reported Politeka, Yuri Shatunov revealed the truth about his hospitalization

Also Politeka wrote that sounded was urgently hospitalized