The author of Game of thrones focused on the key idea of the Saga

Автор Игры престолов рассказал о ключевой идее саги

According to the writer, the prototype is coming Westeros winter is global warming on Earth.

American writer George Martin, who is the author of the book series a Song of ice and fire, laid the basis for the TV series Game of thrones, spoke about the key idea of the Saga. This writes the New York Times.

The writer confirmed the idea that the prototype is coming Westeros winter is global warming on Earth.

He also noted that the characters of the Game of thrones above all pursue their personal goals, and pay no attention to the approaching catastrophe.

“The people of Westeros are involved in their private quarrels, fighting for power, status and wealth. And they are so immersed in it that they ignore the threat,” he said.

He stressed that in fact, Saga is the analogy of what is happening on the Ground.

“We argue about important things – foreign policy, domestic policy, civil rights and responsibilities, social justice. All of these things are important. But we are torn between them and spending power, the threat of climate change is not going anywhere”, he said.

According to the writer, the problems of modern society will sink into oblivion if the city will be at the bottom of the ocean.

Earlier it was reported that the star of Game of thrones Sophie Turner said about the ending of the eighth season of the series.

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