The attempt on comrade Zelensky: there were photos of the “thugs” scandalous video leaked to the network

Покушение на соратника Зеленского: появились фото "головорезов", скандальное видео слили в сеть

On suspicion of threatening to kill the candidate of the “Servants of the people” detained two men

As previously reported, the candidate from the party “servant of the people” in the 190-th constituency Alex Smernicki said that he was threatened with brutal violence at his campaign headquarters.

So on the page Alex Smernicki wrote before:

“Today, 13 July 2019, at my campaign headquarters in Shepetivka I was approached by two men and threatened to kill me if I don’t withdraw my candidacy from the election campaign. I clearly understand that thus me under pressure by my opponents”.

Meni pogrozit rozpravky!

Druzi, meni pogrozit rozpravky, if I don’t snmu his candidacy! Maximum asked rathalos!I — Oleksii Smernicki, the candidate to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in single-mandate constituency fibercomm #190 from part “Servant People.” Today, on July 13 2019 rock, bilya direct viborcha staff have MST Shepetivka to me pdilli two people that Porozovo meni vbivstva, if I don’t snmu his candidacy W wibarco campan. I’m writing to declare to polc. I now smartusa osobisto to Arsen Avakov asked zabezpechiti my bespeco pid hour previsora ATAC, Oskolki may us pastave chvalovice for your life the health.I sortaus to MoH opponents: not namagayutsya me salakati. I don’t give up! You don’t vdastsya methods 90s poterpite to the Verkhovna Rada. Your time, as the first hour of your patron, vzhe proykov.Mi gotov nadati usyu npharmacy journalstar. We have a je document, and takozh desipis pogroz, I can podivitis for posolennym:

Posted by a servant of the people — Smernicki Oleksiy Sergiyovich — 190 County on Saturday, July 13, 2019

It is known that the incident occurred on 13 July 2019 at 16:10 at: Khmelnitskaya obl., g. Shepetovka, ulitsa Ostrovskogo, 6. Then Alex Smartexam was approached by two unknown men, they introduced themselves as “representatives of the criminal world” and began to put pressure on the candidate by verbal threats, they say if Your application will not be withdrawn from the race for electoral single-mandate constituency №190 – wait for the consequences.

According to the Deputy, the men threatened to kill him:

“These people I saw for the first time, they are seriously convincing and spoke with threat, so I believe that there are real grounds for concern for the safety of my life and health”, — said the candidate for the Ukrainian media.

It is also known that a few hours ago, was able to establish a state auto license plates and its owner, which came “bandits” that threatened the candidate.

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Покушение на соратника Зеленского: появились фото "головорезов", скандальное видео слили в сеть Покушение на соратника Зеленского: появились фото "головорезов", скандальное видео слили в сеть

Moreover, according to “Censor”, the operatives were able to obtain video from surveillance cameras on which were recorded the incident, when the candidate of the “Servants of the people” was threatened in plain text. Now two men detained by the local police.

We will remind, the Chinese are crazy about Zelensky, now everyone can buy it.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky gave a fitting rebuff to the controversial journalist.

Also Politeka reported that Zelensky has launched a series of high-profile layoffs announced the names.