The athlete from Germany sexual organ stuck in the damn for dumbbells

Representatives of the Ministry of emergency situations of Germany told reporters the amazing and defies logical explanation the story of the liberation of the penis of athlete from contact pancake for dumbbells. The result of The rescue operation, the victim of his own stupidity, the man escaped with minor injuries.

According to published in reputable German press information, go to save from the awkward situation of athlete, bodybuilder, employees of the Ministry of emergency situations had to the gym, which, besides the victim, other people were. For unknown reasons, despite the presence of foreign athletes, the hero defies logical explanation history and decided to stick penis in pancake connector for dumbbells. To perform the reverse action, the man failed why had to resort to emergency assistance.

Armed with a vibrating saw and meat grinder, emergency workers freed the reproductive organ to discredit the athlete from a metal trap. In the incident, the hero of the amazing story managed to get off with minor injuries.

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