The astronauts recorded a strange sound in space: “she’s alive”

Астронавты записали странные звуки в космосе: «она жива»

The astronauts helped scientists to gather evidence that the most visible celestial body in the sky “live”

Scientific astronauts of missions “Apollo-12”, “Apollo 13”, “Apollo-15 and Apollo-16” has managed to record strange noises and unusual sounds on the Earth’s satellite the moon.

Scientists call these sounds “moonquakes”. Thanks to the seismometer “Apollo” experts were able to prove that in the depths of the moon are seismic tremors, writes the journal Nature Geoscience.

Астронавты записали странные звуки в космосе: «она жива»

“We assume that the eight aftershocks that we found in the data with “Apollo”, was generated as a result of shifts of layers in that moment, when the moon acted tidal forces, and its bark has accumulated a sufficient amount of energy as a result of its cooling and contraction. This suggests that the Moon is still “alive” from the point of view of tectonics,” said Thomas Watters of Smetanova Institute in Washington (USA).

It is noted, that a very long time, scientists believed that the Moon is “dead”, i.e. its minerals long ago have cooled and no tectonic or seismic activity going on there.

However, on this version the experts looked at another way, when the American probe LRO, staying in lunar orbit, made interesting pictures. They scientists were conspicuous features of the lunar topography, which could occur only when the displacement of the layers.

Watters and his colleagues have shown that the subsoil of the satellite was active for at least 50 years ago. This discovery they made the recordings of seismometers installed on the moon by astronauts of various missions program “Apollo”.

The devices worked for eight years, and was able to capture 28 of tremors at the surface of the moon.

For eight years, these sensors have recorded 28 of relatively weak shocks, presumably occurred at the surface of the moon. Before the LRO, scientists did not attach much significance to this, considering the consequences of falls are small or medium asteroids.

The experts were even able to calculate the depth at which any of these variations. And also found out that almost all bursts happened in the moment when the Moon was or at the very large distance from Earth, or was extremely close to her.

Scientists are now much more firmly committed to what is necessary to have a “moon mission”.

Астронавты записали странные звуки в космосе: «она жива»

“We learned a lot thanks to “Apollo”, but in fact we only touched the mysteries of this planet. More serious network of seismometers will allow us to quickly expand our understanding of its Geology. All this makes the re-flight to the moon a tempting target for scientists,” said Nicholas Smarr from the University of Maryland (USA).

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