The asteroid that will fly past the earth, will help scientists

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Thursday close to Earth will fly asteroid the size of a house.

It will be held somewhere in the 42 thousand kilometers from our planet is within the orbit of the moon and slightly above the height at which flying communication satellites.

NASA scientists say that the collision risk no. But this case will help them to test the warning system for asteroids.

For the object to follow closely the global network of telescopes – dozens of observatories, universities and laboratories.

NASA representative Paul Cadas told BBC News: “With the help of this asteroid we’re going to test a system that will monitor the asteroids, to describe them and to consider how close they fly, in case if one day will arrive a guest, what can we get”.

“Not a threat”

The asteroid, which is number 2012 TC4, first noticed five years ago.

According to estimates, it has a size of 15 to 30 meters – quite a bit. But even these space rocks can be dangerous if it hit the Earth.

When, in 2013, over Chelyabinsk exploded a 20-meter asteroid, it struck the atmosphere with an energy equivalent to 500,000 tons of TNT.

It the blast damaged many buildings. More than a thousand people were injured.

As for the current stone guest – scientists believe that he peacefully passes by again and is not a threat.

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