The art of capturing the lives of bars with texting

mathieu-arsenault-ecrit-guide-barsHe was thinking. Since the presence of a camera makes people less natural and that the sight of a man scribbling notes in a notebook attracts attention, Mathieu Arsenault has used a smartphone to capture, in real time, the atmosphere prevailing in pubs and bars in the city of Saguenay.

Sitting at the bar, most of the time, the author pretends to send text messages and people around him have seen only the fire. Thus, for a month, thanks to a clerical residence conducted in September and October 2014 at Bang center of Chicoutimi, Saguenay The guide bars and pubs took shape.

Posted by Quartanier, this book contains 56 pages of poems inspired by the nocturnal expeditions Mathieu Arseneault. All were born in the vicinity of a large beer, while the native Montrealer Rimouski was listening, well opened wide his eyes, to capture life tips that punctuated his evenings.

“I was trying to capture the small moments, but without judging people. Most of the time, I adjusted the texts that were written on the spot, but there are times when they are deposited at once, as was the case in Hippo Club-1, “said the author in a telephone interview with the Progress-Sunday.

Useful constraints
The physical constraints imposed by the phone determined the format of poems. The sentences are short and reflect about the spot color, sometimes crude, on which people people Mathieu Arsenault had the opportunity to meet.

“I guess you could use the same approach in cafes, but the bars are more revealing, he argues. These are marginal places and because of alcohol consumption, people dégênent and show their character, which highlights their good sides, as well as the bad. ”

Practicing a personal version of the non-participant observation, a familiar concept in sociology, Mathieu Arsenault followed a specific schedule to visit some thirty institutions during his residence. The basic idea was to have a beer, no more, to keep the mind alert.

“On Friday and Saturday, I was trying places where I felt what would happen. On weekdays, by cons, I privilégiais small quiet bars frequented by regulars. Often I went for the 5-7, “describes the author.

Evoking the “ordinary reality”
The guide bars and pubs Saguenay is edited so that the right page contains a poem, while on the left, it says a contractor test difficulty making aptly that Mathieu Arsenault called “ordinary real “. The time when you could shoot people without losing their natural Gone, indeed.

The author mentions in particular documentary Pierre Perreault, who bear the mark of this mutation. He notes that older people show the authenticity of which has not been altered, while the bright beast, a late work, the right to speak to an individual – a poet – who is aware that the camera observes.

“I’m happy with the form book because the wife of one side, there is this somewhat highbrow text, while the other, there are accessible poems, sometimes enough trash. It speaks to people less familiar with this mode of expression, “notes Mathieu Arsenault.

Pleased with the reception that receives the guide, he sees the culmination of a process for others to take on their own, students, for example, in favor of a writing workshop. “From my side, I think going to the end of the process. I remake experiments of this nature, but just for fun, “he suggests.

See Saguenay than surface
Mathieu Arsenault did not know Saguenay before staying there in 2014. His exploration of bars in the city was therefore a revelation in many ways, since it allowed him to dig under the surface presented to tourists and even beyond the reality that residents are familiar.

What surprised him first and foremost, is the diversity of nightlife alongside its intensity. The idea that we can go out on a Tuesday and find what is called critical mass, a sufficient number of customers there in the air, smiled at Montreal.

What impressed him, too, it’s the kind of people who haunt licensed establishments. Having eliminated from his list the consumer places considered less interesting, brought Mathieu Arsenault discover realities far from hers.

In this regard, its output at Resto-Pub L’Illusion was particularly enlightening. To see “shooters girls’ lingerie to drink customers in the palm of their breasts was something sociological. “There were just guys and I do not feel for me,” admits the author of the bars and pubs of Saguenay Guide.

Another visit, this time at Pub St. Anne, put in the presence of hunters. One type delivered plenty of information about the route he had taken to kill the moose. “It happened at such and such a place and the other included, that I found super nice. That’s it, live the territory, “stated Mathieu Arsenault.

Another thing that has charmed, it is the cohabitation of people of all ages under one roof. “In Saguenay, young people come to the same place as the old. They are not separated by age. I also noticed that people were not bothered by the presence of a different person from the other, “says the author.

Finally, he was pleased that many institutions favored the practice of karaoke, which made her more interesting observation sessions. “There are almost everywhere and it becomes community, especially on Thursday and Friday,” notes Mathieu Arsenault.

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