The art in nature

oeuvre-espece-voie-appartition-electrofish(SHERBROOKE) Art invaded the banks of the St. Francis River in Brompton for a ninth season reinvented Gardens. While movement and texture, external courses, supplemented by three indoor exhibits, impressive for its size and depth.

In total, eight artists and two collectives created with materials and various media installations on the theme of unusual movements and trajectories. In each of the embodiments, the journey feels good artists.

Josianne Bolduc, in collaboration with Elise Legrand, transformed the film and photographic documentation of an ephemeral work, a dance performed in the streets of Sherbrooke, in a new work of art. Following the yellow path glued to the ground, one can easily revive the path of the dancer by feeling textures urban photographs.

Two works inspired the words of Gaston Miron and created by Pierre Leblanc also enthroned on the walls of the House of Arts and Culture of Brompton. The subway map performed on two pieces by Ginette Couture explores the territory in the collages forming the “metro stations”, but also in space that the work uses.

In harmony with nature

When found out, having toured the interior works, it’s another world that awaits us, a world of grandeur and space.

Inspired by the space available to them, the artists of the works in situ managed to transpose emotions and specific claims. Whether human evolution under the weight of the past, the overuse of technology or human introspection, each message has its own way of expressing themselves.

“There is much boldness in the interior and exterior works this year,” said Maude Charland-Lallier, Director of the House of Arts and Culture of Brompton.

Of course, all artists created their work with the utmost concern for nature. The creative presence comes just use the possibilities offered by the beautiful banks of the Rive Park. Fish returning to the river, a giant bird hiding in the trees and a tree with fruit as tires are only examples of the facilities offered by the Gardens reinvented.

Collaboration with schools

One hundred twenty-five students of the Art concentration and culture of 3rd, 4th and 5th secondary of the Mitchell-Montcalm school also had a hand in the paste to provide a huge blue cube, filled with images. The pivot tables in the wind reminiscent of Native American art movements, futuristic and Quebec in shades of blue.

A group from the University of Sherbrooke has also lent to the exercise as part of a visual art course in situ. The work Vertigo is aptly named. A whirlwind manufactured using stone and wood pieces inevitably leads to a mirror in the center. “It can be found in relation to oneself. This is a static work, but begins to move when you enter, “says Rosalie Campeau, a member of the artist collective.

The interior and exterior works are accessible to the House of Arts and Culture Brompton until 11 September.

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